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Feb 2011
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pH tester: $28 bucks.

Verify that your Star San is below pH of 3.5 and you're golden.

It also helps to use only distilled water for your Star San.

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Aug 2011
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Thanks for all the responses...

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I usually keep my five gallon batch for a about month without issue. This usually takes me from brew day through bottling day. In tap water it will turn cloudy very quickly. The cloudiness of the mixture is no indication of the potency of the Starsan mix.

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Zyme Lord
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If you mix with distilled water, it will last for a long time. I usually keep a revolving batch that I add to whenever the level gets too low, 1-2 gallons at a time. If the pH goes above 3.5, you can add a couple of drops of undiluted StarSan to bring it back down. And when it gets too much debris at the bottom of the bucket, you can rack it off into a new bucket.

Only once or twice a year do I actually dump it out and make a fresh solution. I have also never experienced the cloudy StarSan that I hear people talk about, so I guess distilled water is working.
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When mine starts getting a little cloudy,I use a coffee filter in my funnel & filter it into a clean jug to clear it up a little. This milky colored bit of stuff clogs the filter,& I put in a new one. Works pretty good till it gets dingy looking.
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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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I'm in the Homer bucket camp. I use distilled water and test it with the cheap ph strips that come in a roll every once in a while. The stuff lasts a LONG time.
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