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Aug 2011
Sacramento, CA
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I read about it on the internet and thought it would be fun to try..

Here's what I used:
64oz 100% apple juice
1 packet of rapidrise bread yeast(planned on 1/2 but ended up pouring it all in)
1.5cups table sugar

make an airlock essentially by runing co2 through a tube into water

it seemed to be working ok....till the foam I forgot about reading up on earlier started creeping up the tube and into the water

So now the tube is full of foam, the water is nice and murky, and the gas is not coming out in single bubbles, but instead, big bursts.

I raised the water well above the juice in hopes that the foam might not make it up the tube and would slide back down into the juice...but it didn't.

My big question is: Will this effect the final product? Am I losing a bunch of yeast in the foam? Can I wait for the foam to die down and rinse the tube and change the water with no ill effects(i.e. vinegar)?

If anyone is around right now, please help!

Also, I know bread yeast won't make a good hard cider, but is there any way I can make a decent hard cider with what I've got going?

And since I don't have any fancy equipment, is there any way I can store this to age it when I'm done(since I'm 90% sure it will not taste good) in hopes of bettering the final product?

Thank you ahead of time for the help!!!

Hopefully I don't mess this up bad enough to make me never want to try it again

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Aug 2011
Sacramento, CA
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Here is my setup if anyone was curious

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Nov 2010
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should make this next time


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Aug 2011
Sacramento, CA
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Next time around, I will definitely use better quality yeast, and probably make my setup a little better.
This time around I basically read about it(I had read about it before, just hadn't actually done it) and drove to the store to get juice and yeast...not much preparation.
Also, if I rinse the tube, should I use vodka instead of water afterwards for the makeshift airlock like they recommend in that post?

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woo! prison hooch!
heh... jk..

its gonna get you drunk.. thats for sure. but if you're looking for good flavor as well? mmmm not so much.

for some terminology...
you currently made a blow off tube. these work great when your dealing with ferments that might overfill your vessel capacity. but, instead of using water, you might want to use something like a starsan solution, or iodophor (psst go with the starsan) ... not need to rinse until the ferment is complete because its an enclosed system.. baddies cant get in as long as youve sterilized well.

tips: when your ferment is complete (no more bubbles for a while.. usually 3days to 2weeks-ish[estimate please dont flame]) youll probably want to crash cool. rop it down to just above freezing... that will drop a lot of the yeast out of suspension and make it taste a little better.

dont expect martinelli's apple goodness. this is probably going to taste like bad white wine with a harsh alcohol bite. its gonna get you faded .. and fast. i estimate ~8.5%abv but im a bit drunk myself so the math may be slightly off.

in the future: try and use a better yeast.. s04 or some sort of cider yeast that will accentuate fruitiness.

temp regulation is so key to any ferment... learn about the yeast and what it likes... ferment at that temp so you get good flavors, and not off, harsh ones.

if you can age it, itll taste better.... any wine (and thats basically what you made, apple wine) is going to taste better with a bit of aging.. it lets those alcohol esters mellow and the appley goodness come though.

.. making alcohol is easy. theyve been doing it for millennia... making great tasting alcohol can be a life long aspiration.
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Aug 2011
Sacramento, CA
Posts: 6

So the water that the foam is going into is not going to get nasty or anything?
could I maybe clamp the hose and change the water to vodka at least so it can help kill the bad stuff?

also, I was thinking..what if I used sugar water, then when it's done, mixed it with juice concentrate? would it taste ok? Has anyone tried that before?

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Sep 2010
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Water as the bubbler is fine, however, don't put the water above the cider, or too far below the cider line if you can help it. Keep it even if possible.
The reason is due to pressure and gravity. You'll see this when you siphon the cider out using a tube. If you're not careful, or if the cider/foam slides back in (which normally is fine), it can try to draw water back through the tube.
This would be bad, usually since the water isn't a sterile item and can contaminate your cider which in turn could make it taste odd, or turn to vinegar.

The foam is fine, that's just protein, yeast and co2 that's causing it to foam up. If it stays in the cider, that's ok. If you can, get a long enough hose and have it going up initially so that the foam has less of a chance to leave the tube. The water could get nasty with the foam.. actually, the water will get nasty regardless of foam. Otherwise, just change the water every so often. The minor tube exposeure isn't that harmful since there's still co2 coming out and you're not pushing anything back through.

As mentioned, use better yeast. Otherwise, it sounds like a decent enough recipe.

Some people have fermented straight sugar water and add flavor later. I can't recall the country or what it's called... Swedish? FInnish? Danish?
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Old 08-27-2011, 08:37 AM   #8
Aug 2011
Sacramento, CA
Posts: 6

So the amount of yeast should still be fine?

and changing the water is ok to do?

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Originally Posted by Madera
. . .
and changing the water is ok to do?
Yes, just change the water if it's grossing you out.

Take a look at She's put together a great tutorial and easy to follow recipe/method for new cider makers.


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