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May 2011
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I just brewed tonight and used a Wyeast activator packet. I let t swell for three hours as instructed on the bag; however, when I opened it I noticed that I had only punctured one of the inner bags. I poured in what I had to my wort, but I'm concerned that it will not be enough. Any suggestions or feedback? Should I get another package and add it tomorrow?
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I had that happen before. It swelled but not that much, first time using it so figured it had done its job. went to pour it in and noticed that the packet only had a small tear in it and didn't all come out. In desperation I tried to tear open the pouch without touching it too much ended up having some of the yeast go through my hand and the nutrients inside the pouch as well. I was worried and pacing around but started to pick up fine fermenting and was a very good stout.
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More good reasons for making a starter with liquid yeast. Less worry.
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May 2011
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So long as your sanitation is good (hands were clean) your probably fine. I had a smack pack that ruptured when I smacked it and I lost most of the nutrients all over the floor. I'm not saying that there isn't any other good stuff for the yeast in there... But the nutrient that sprayed out of it looked, smelled and tasted like a simple light wort. A anyway, it only inflated about half as big as usual but I pitched it anyway since I didn't have any other yeast on hand. It took a little while longer for fermentation to really get going, but everything was fine.

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JonPenny1981, No, I'd just wait a day or two more. My last two smack packs took a little while to start up. I used a Greenbelt Pale Ale smack pack and this one didn't swell up much, despite 4 hours of warming up to about 74°F. After 18 hours the top looked flat without a single bubble. I thought I was going to have to pitch again. I went to work and 12 hours later bam, lots of foam.

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Jul 2011
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The packet inside contains the nutrient so if you don't get all of that I don't think it really matters. As long as you pitched everything that was in the "main" area of the bag, I wouldn't worry about it.

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The inside packet is nutrient to "wake up" the yeast in the pack. Your yeast are fine and will reproduce and do their thing though there may be a lag time before they get started.

Check mrmalty.com .
The smack pack does not contain the optimum amount of yeast cells for most 5 gallon brews. You can use more smack packs or even better make a starter. There are plenty of threads on starters also articles on the web and videos on youtube. Your beer will do better with starters.

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