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Jan 2011
Austin, Texas
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So I am looking to get into AG brewing soon and I am looking in to the BIAB method. The problem is I live in an apartment with a limited space on the stove top and the complex does not allow you to have even propane burners on the porch. I can have any kind of cooker/burner that is electric on the patio. Is there an easy way for me to do BIAB brewing in the kitchen or on the patio with an all electric system?
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Jan 2010
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look up deathbrewers stovetop AG brewing

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Jan 2011
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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I do 2.5 gallon batches on stove top. I use a cooler mash tun as well. Only problem I have is not being able to boil as vigorously (for fear of boil over) so my evaporation rate is lower so I can't use as much sparge water and hence only get 65% efficiency.

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Jun 2010
, Wisconsin
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I also did a 2.5 gallon batch in a 5.5 gallon brewpot. I didn't do a sparge and got about 65% efficiency, which I didn't think was too bad for the first time I did this. I don't think I could do BIAB for a 5 gallon batch on my electric stove.
The batch I did was a Spotted Cow clone and was one of the best beers I've brewed.


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Feb 2010
Florence, Massachusetts
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What I do is heat my mash water in one big 6 gallon pot and mash there using the electric burner on the lowest settign to hold my mash temp perfectly.

Then I put the bag into the other pot or bucket if you need too and pour it through the bag and then lift the bag into a collander and strain it.
Then put the bag back into the other pot and sparge for 15 minutes at appropriate temp and then repeat the process.
Then just boil and go ahead with your boil process. Two pots, a collander and a large brew bag. You can substitute a bucket if you need to and then add the contents back to the boil kettle. You can do 5 gallon or 4 gallon batches this way depending on the amount of grain you have to mash.

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Feb 2011
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I'm doing 1.5 gallon BIAB batches in a 3 gal kettle on my 1500 kw hot plate.
I just bought a 5 gallon cooler and will try heating the water in my kettle then pouring it into the cooler w/the bag in place and add and stir my grain. Hope to keep temp more constant that way. The small amount tended to cool off to fast in the kettle even w/a towel wrapped around it. Shoots the cooler was only 25 bucks.
Gonna try it for the first time Monday doing an American Stout of my own recipe.
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Aug 2011
Sutton Coldfield, West midlands
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Couldnt your efficiency be increased with BIAB because you can squeeze the bag, re-submerge the grain then sqeeze it out again? Thereby psudo-sparging in the same wort without introducing more water?

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Oct 2008
OZ of course
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i do 5 gallon BIAB on my stove i have nmy pot wraped in insulationso as to help maintain the heat. my pot is an old aluminum tukey fryer pot. the secret was insulating the pot
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Mar 2011
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Only problem I have is not being able to boil as vigorously (for fear of boil over) so my evaporation rate is lower so I can't use as much sparge water and hence only get 65% efficiency.
You can easily compensate for this a few ways:

1) Take a day to boil a full volume of water for an hour to measure the boiloff rate for your pot, you'll no longer add extra water and your efficiency will go up.

2) If you boil with the lid on, take the lid off and that'll increase your efficiency a few points as well.

3) Just add an extra 30 minutes to your boil. More water boiloff, higher efficiency.
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Jun 2011
Athens, Ga
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I only use i a five gallon pot and a three gallon pot. What I do is do very large partial mashes. I've found that I can get about 9 pounds of grain no problem then add extract to get extra gravity points if necessary. Then for spathe i use the three gAllon pot, steep and let drain through a colander and repeat 3 times. I can get up to ~75% efficiency. All done on my stove in my apartment

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