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Pardon me if this has been addressed previously -didn't find it if it had.
I'm attempting to home-roll my own beer filtration system to help clean up my my lighter-colored brews (I'll probably run my mead through them, for that matter)
Anyway, I'm looking at a $22 cartridge housing at Lowes (whirlpool whole-house) and one of the activated charcoal filter elements thats supposed to remove particulate matter, etc.
My only real concern is the claim that the filter removes chlorine odor (and rust and what have you) -I'm concerned that this same charcoal would remove some of the flavors and aromas (hops?) from the beer -I certainly wouldn't want to turn it back into water!
My first impulse was to cobble it together, and push a keg through it to see, but I don't like the idea of spending the bread to make this, and ruin a keg of beer just to see.
Any thoughts on this?
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we do it for the love of beer! Not for the love of money! We can all make great BEER! Not so much when it comes to money!

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Apr 2011
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I like to keep it simple. Coffee filter, funnel, and hose while transfering to a keg or bottling bucket. Works great and costs next to nothing.

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I a bit of a "germaphobe"! I took a look at that process and the amount of surface area contact would keep me up @ night. Have you tried gelatin clearing process?

1. cold crash primary/secondary for 2-3 days
2. unflavored gelatin bloomed with 2 cups of 180 deg. water in keg then rack beer on top.
3. cold crash keg 2 days
4. without moving the keg pull some beer until it clears (usually less than a pint)
5. attach a transfer hose from outlet of cleared keg to outlet of second and transfer

The key is not to disturb the material at the bottom of the keg. Most of the time I don't transfer to a second keg, once in the keezer I don't move it again until it's empty. And the clarity is excellent, good enough I haven't used a secondary/bright tank in over a year.

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This is a post on a filtration system from earlier in the month. I'm not surprised it didn't come up on your search, I never seem to be able to find what I want when I search either. I just remember coming across this you go.

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