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Mar 2007
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Im a science geek.
I like to cook
I love good beer.
Seems that brewing puts all of these together nicely.

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Denny's Evil Concoctions
Grande Megalomaniac
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Oct 2005
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I like the process and the mad scientists feel. I also really really really like the ability to make any type of beer I want.
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Mar 2007
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I like good beer and so when I read a little about making beer and found out that it wasn't really all that hard I was compelled to try it. Plus SWMBO never really wanted me to buy a bunch of beer at the store, especially the expensive (read "good") stuff... so I figured if I could convince her to let me start this hobby then I could have a nice stock of good beer on hand for when I felt like having one.

Also it's really cool to be able to make any style you want and tweak the ingredients. As others say it's like playing a lab scientist creating something, only you get to drink it, and it's BEER!

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Steel Comma Ale & Lagery
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Oct 2004
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Looking at 15 gallon of beer to be drunk in 3 vessels is the best sight in the world. That and it costs me $60 bucks to make it all is good too. Can't even get Lite here for that. I hated ber until I had good stuff which was actually was my own.
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Oct 2006
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Originally Posted by Ryanh1801
Im a science geek.
I like to cook
I love good beer.
Seems that brewing puts all of these together nicely.
Holy Cow! How do you follow all of these great (and very inspirational) stories? Ryan sums up why I got started. Brewing also evokes the spirit of a simpler time, when people were self-sufficient and made everything themselves. I really like the idea of taking a few, fresh ingredients and creating a very complex beverage. I've only been at it about 6 months, and most of my beers have been mediocre, but I'm a perfectionist and I'm beginning to see improvements. By this time next year I am certain that I will be brewing beers that are the equal of the best German brewmeisters. I've already shared a beer with my German in-laws and gotten decent reviews. My goal is to create a beer that they will rave about.

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Old 04-04-2007, 10:29 PM   #36
Feb 2007
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Counting equipment it's definetly NOT cheaper. Maybe when I'm 60 and can amoritize the cost over my whole brewing career.

1) Craft- This is definetly the #1 reason. I like cooking but this is BEER. Everytime I think about sciencing (not really a word but WTF) it all up I remeber that monks were doing it thousands of years ago. Besides if there's a nuclear war in post apocolyptic USA I'll have a marketable skill.

2) I like building gadgets. Now I can build beer gadgets. I like experiments. Now I have beer experiments. etc. etc.

3) I like GOOD beer. And good beer I make. Even stripping away the "I made it, it's the best" I STILL make good beer

4) Wife supports it. She's not really into beer, but it keeps me home and she also likes the "craft" aspect.


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Old 04-05-2007, 03:58 AM   #37
Sep 2006
Seattle, WA
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My hobbies are reef aquariums, photography, and brewing...

I guess I like anything that mixes art with science.

Maybe that's why I design software and networks for a living too. =)


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Old 04-05-2007, 04:17 AM   #38
10th-Level Beer Nerd
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May 2006
Adams, MA
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I started brewing because I needed a hobby, something that *I* could do, semi-selfishly, for myself.

I got into the hobby and started seeking out more information because the process itself is very interesting. You can stay with very basic recipes, brew extract, and make great beer, or there's an almost unlimited amount of learning and experimentation that you can get into. It's a great balance between an art and a science.

My obsession with brewing? I blame all of you mo'fo's. I've made some great friendships with guys across the globe, which just reinforces how much fun this hobby really is.
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King of the Swill
Jan 2007
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I brew because it is fun--a hobby. I could buy decent-good beer at about the same price as I have spent brewing, but there is something about making your own excellent beer. It just adds to the already enjoyable sport of drinking beer.

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Feb 2007
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I brew because I wanted beers a little different than those that are easy to get. Plus they cost less than the $9-$15/6 I usually pay for micros from the grocery.
My first two batches from kits were good. Not as good as my favorite brews but better than the cheaper brands, in my opinion.
I hoping my brews improve because I am enjoying the process, especially trying out recipes that are a little off the main stream.

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