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Originally Posted by Willsellout
, and it gets my wife so I get lucky more often


Holy ****, I forgot about that one

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Mar 2007
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Standing watch over a keggle with 14 gallons of boiling sweet wort that YOU extracted from grain is a really damn good feeling.

Actually, I find it addicting!

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Nov 2006
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I think, and though I can't speak for Shimms I think she'll agree, for us it's finding a mutual hobby we can share.

When I first met Shimms, she was drinking Killians. I suggested she try Leinie's Red. From then on, we've been all about the beer snobbery. Last December her birthday rolled around and I needed a good birthday idea. For some reason, the idea of brewing our own beer together hit me, and I started doing some research. I found a LHBS around here, and surprised her on the Saturday before her birthday by taking her there, buying a beginning brew kit and the ingredients for our first brew.

To say she loved it would be an understatment.

From then we did three extract brews with grains, and made the jump to all-grain. It's a hobby that we can do together. And for us that's important. In our previous relationships we spent a lot of time alienated from our significant others, so being able to share something like this is something we both wanted.

And then, there's the beer. Better beer than we can get at the store. Is it cheaper? Sure, in the long run, but there's been a pretty good outlay of money to get us to where we are now. But, if you look at it in terms of ingredients, it's roughly $30 for two cases of beer. GOOD beer. We're talking about the stuff you spent $8 a six pack on at the store.

We still purchase microbrews... because we appreciate good beers, and are trying to expose ourselves to all types and styles.

It's a great hobby, and it's not just for us. We're able to share the beers we make with family and friends.
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Jan 2007
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You write quite well on my behalf You are exactly right.

I love brewing, and brewing with my HWMBO is a great bonus.

For the brew listing, see ill.literate's sig. :)

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I wanted to a DIY hobby and I love beer so I thought brewing my own would satisfy both. I've continued brewing because I absolutely fell in love with the hobby (I mean, beer, gadgets...beer) and because I would rather drink homebrew than anything I can get commercially. There are some decent micros out there (Rogue comes to mind), but I find my beers have more character to them and are more interesting.
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It's fascinating - the whole process is simply fascinating.

I like to cook - so why not "cook" my own beer?

I like to make stuff (understatement of the year) - why not make stuff that's useful in brewing beer?

I like beer. I like good beer. I live in a small town full of die-hard BMC drinkers. I can't get good beer. I make it.
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I would find it hard to say why I brew, except that from the first time I considered the possibility I could not let it go. It is the perfect mix of science, chemistry, engineering, wizardry, art and creativity. The minute you are bored with one aspect, say style guidelines, another interest appears, say critical evaluation. Culture yeast, grow hops, build systems and all towards the end of a unique and personalized beverage in your hand. It can be a private or a competative activity. I just think it is the perfect activity.

I also will put the products we can produce up against any other beers in the world.

I brew because I am.
Before I learned to brew I was poor, sober and lonely. Now I am just poor.

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Jan 2007
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I brew beer because once I started to enjoy craft brewed domestic beers, I wanted to know why I enjoyed them. It feels good to drink a beer and understand why it tastes the way it does.

As for the money, as in the old is it cheaper question, lets look an example shall we? So say you are a golfer, as I am, kinda. You pay hundreds of dollars for clubs, and then go out and pay your greens fees and rent your cart for another whatever $50-100. You have to pay for your own beer while you're out there (more $) and at the end of the day, all you have to show for your efforts is a piece of paper and a bad tan. At least when you homebrew, you have something delicious to share with friends and family, that you actually created. And honestly, what person doesn't have a creation complex? That's why I homebrew.
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Mar 2007
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I just started very recently, but I've found there to be a few reasons why I really enjoy it:

-I like beer. Of all the adult beverages it has always been clearly my favorite. In college, I especially liked the stuff put out by a local microbrew-so the fact that it's possible to create similar brew in my own kitchen/basement made it very attractive.

-I'm a nerd. I always liked doing lab experiments, but didn't like the apparent lack of practical application. Brewing is like doing a lab procedure to a very practical end. It involves biology, chemistry, and physics...yet it is also an art in that there are endless possible variations.

-History. It's amazing to me that people have brewed beer for so long throughout history, so I feel like I'm carrying on a craft that is thousands of years old. More immediately, this area (Cincinnati) once had more breweries than Munich (pre-prohibition)-so I feel that sense of local tradition as well.

-SWMBO approves. I think she likes that it's an active hobby that I can do in the house. I'm pretty messy, and I'm not the handiest in general...but I'm pretty meticulous with brewing-so it contradicts some of my 'default settings', and it's better than sitting in front of the tube.

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