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Jan 2007
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My first two extract bathces were good, missing a little something, but still good, my third brew a porter must have just hit its peak and tastes absolutly delicious, just as good as the fullers porter i had at the bar the other night. It takes time, like everyone will say, to let the beer age and it will be delicious. MY roomate was drinking them last night and said the porter was one of his favorite beers and he would definlty dish out the money to buy it if it were in a store. If you do side by side comparisons to the closest beer to style you wont find much difference. I also spend way more time brewing than i do drinking so its more to me than just the taste.
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Jan 2007
South Hadley, MA
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I do it to keep the flying monkeys away.

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Mar 2006
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I love to brew. I love to brew as almost as much as I love to drink beer.

Brewing is my time. No kids....no work....no wife...... Just me, some grains and hops, and 4-5 hours to myself.

Plus having a small party with a keg or two has become a joy also. Just sitting back and enjoying the compliments while sipping a killer brew is where its at for me.

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krispy d
Mar 2007
Old Saybrook CT
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because no matter what I can!
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Oct 2006
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I was spending a good chunk of change on commercial beer. I thought, hm, if I make beer it'd be cheaper, and hey, I like to cook. I talked to some of the guys in the local homebrew club at a beer festival last year, and that pushed me further into thinking it would be doable.

Six months later, I think I've spent more money on making beer that I would have in more than a few years of buying beer just due to all the gadgets I've accumulated and the building of a kegerator. But hey, I don't care. It's fun to do, and besides that it gives me something to do other than sit on my ass. Plus I get to drink beer that is produced no other place in the world, and is usually better than the commercial stuff I like
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Feb 2007
Columbus, OH
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My beer tastes better than yours. I don't care if I've only brewed 3 batches. Mine is better. You could have the nectar of the gods, and in my happy little head, I love my own beer. That's why I brew.

Oh yeah, cheaper, and better than any domestic, and someday I'd like to turn this into a living.
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Oct 2005
Oak Grove, Oregon, USA
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It's a fun hobby & I would match my best efforts against the pros. Living in the Pacific North West, it lets me enjoy beers that don't have TOO F%$^ MUCH CASCADES in them.
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Jan 2007
New York
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Yeah, I love pretty much every aspect of homebrewing. It's not that the quality is better (though it is), or even that I get that many compliments (though I get plenty). It's fun as hell, and I love seeing my own creation turn from some vaguely nasty soup into magical delicious beer!
Nothing until I figure out if I can make it happen over in the UK.

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Jul 2006
Bee Cave, Texas
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Originally Posted by david_42
It's a fun hobby & I would match my best efforts against the pros. Living in the Pacific North West, it lets me enjoy beers that don't have TOO F%$^ MUCH CASCADES in them.
LOL! Great Reason!

I brew because my mother-in-law knew I loved beer and she bought me a great book (Check out my Book Review of Making Beer by William Mares) and it created a monster. It was a great hobby before I moved to Germany for 5 years. I then went from Beer Heaven to Beer Hell when I moved from Germany to Utah. Home Brewing became a fact of life there.

Moving to All Grain was a life changing experience as the beers I make (like other folks here) are as good if not better than what can be purchased in the store (and I'm not talking BMC here).

Nothing beats the self satisfaction of pulling the tap on a self created brew and bringing the glass to your lips. Ahhhhhh.

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Jun 2006
Oregon coast
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Brewing gives me time to myself, it lets me express myself because I think of it as an artform, and it gets my wife so I get lucky more often

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