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Jan 2011
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Does anyone know if you can use Green Malt to brew or is it compulsory to dry it first. I have been making my own base malt and it would be much easier if I could just malt it and add it to a batch instead of drying it first. Anyone know?
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Yes. I have done it. After the steeping cycle, I run the green malt through an old meat grinder into the mash tun. Make sure you do a protein rest. The rootlets have a lot of protein and you can't seperate the barley and rootlets without drying it. The drying and kilning is the hardest part of malting at home.

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Like Heiney says you can if you do the protein rest but it's kindof a mess. You can dry your malt in the sun enough for very pale base malt and then you can winnow the rootlets/acrospires off, it's really easy that way. I'd still do a protein rest, you're probably doing a protein rest anyway with home malt?
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watch out though there are several considerations to take first.

1. green malt has a much higher DP than any base malt I found some data from a study on green malt of various grains and found that green barley malt can have a DP of 1200! compare that to 6-row's 150. of course this was allowed to germinate for over a week to ensure over modification but still.

2. green malt contributes a very grassy, green taste which doesn't work well in some beer varieties but then again some may benefit from it for example a munich helles or any spring beer.

3. like an earlier poster said green malt will be very high in protein and WILL NEED a protein rest otherwise you will have a VERY cloudy beer. but again this may be beneficial with a hefeweizen or other wheat beer.

P.S. the other data from that study was that green wheat malt could have a DP of 800 oats 200 and corn 100
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