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Aug 2011
Baton rouge, Louisiana
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I know that you have to be 21 to buy and posess alcohol, but what if you made it yourself? A friend of mine said he thought you could drink it if you made it yourself. I'm not sure if he's right or not.

But then another question is could you make your own alcohol if you could somehow prove that you didn't have the intent to possess or drink it? What are your thoughts on this?

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Nov 2009
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If you're doing it in your own house, not selling it and keeping it to yourself, what can anybody really do about it? The guy at my lhbs phoned the relevant authorities about distilling at home and this is what they told him. In fact, there's just much worse things out there, and its pretty bloody hard to trace it...

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Jan 2008
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Your dreaming kid drinking drinking beer under 21 is illegal. Unless your parents give you some beer under their roof you can get in trouble. Though you can possess and buy all the ingredients to make it. Its not a good idea until your 21. That way you wont get your homebrew stuff confiscated and you wont spend anytime dealing with the judicial system. In the mean time there soda and Kambucha

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Check your state law. I really doubt any liquor control board would believe someone under 21 would make alcoholic beverages and not drink them, but Louisiana is under the French common law, so any guesses are just guesses.

If you want to make beer/wine commercially and are under 21 and are willing to buy the equipment and get the licenses, then maybe.

Elshauno, in some states it is perfectly legal for people under 21 to drink at home.
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You can't even be in this forum if you are under 21.

Come back in 2 years, junior.
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Aug 2011
Baton rouge, Louisiana
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I'm not actually worried about getting in any trouble. Just wondering. I don't live with my parents and it's not like police are going to raid my apartment looking for homemade wine. It was just a thought

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See ya!
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See Revvy's post.
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