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Hey guys,

I am about to bottle a Saison and I am looking to get a very high level of carbonation, like what you get in a bottle of Saison Dupont.

I bought some swing-top style bottles (E.Z. Cap, 16oz) because I thought I read somewhere that they could withstand more pressure - but I can't reference to this anymore.

Can I safely go to 3.0, 3.5, or even 4.0 level of carbonation in one of these bottles? The manufacturer doesn't publish any specs on the bottles.



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Apr 2011
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the only evidence i have is anecdotal, but here it is anyway...

ive bottled a batch once that apparently still had some fermentables in it (not sure how much), ontop of the recomended amount of priming sugar i added. but i used a combo of grolsch and regular 12oz bottles, and had almost all of the 12oz's grenade while the grolsch bottles were fine. they were very overcarbonated when they were opened, but none of them exploded, so they can obviously withstand quite a bit more.
actually, ive never had, or heard of, a grolsh bottle exploding. if any of yours do, certainly let me know

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I'll stick my neck out and say you're fine between 3 and 4 volumes. I have more experience with actual grolsch bottles and the like vs the EZ cap brand. I'm sure they have the same amount of glass or very close so there's not much to worry about. I bottle a lot in swingtops especially my higher carbed stuff. Lots of my Belgians go in there. I also have an old ale with brett in them (just in case). As long as you pay attention to the cages they're good bottles. Sometimes they start to get loose in a way. I have yet to have one break or give me flat beers.
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Aug 2009
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Thanks guys. I'll try somewhere between 3.0 and 4.0, like 3.2.

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Based on my wife's experiments with kombucha and grolsch bottles, I would say they can handle it. The first batch she added chunks of mango to each bottle. I told her to cut back on the amount of fruit additions to the kombucha because I was worried about bottle bombs. Talk about super carbed kombucha that she made, but that stuff was good!

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Jul 2011
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When my father was showing me the ropes on how to make your own beer, he was surprised to find a batch he made and forgot about in the basement hidden away in the back of the shelves. He reckoned they were about 14 years old!!! Luckily, they were stored in Grolsch bottles!

We went outside and opened a couple and wow... they were under a LOT of carbonation! Way more than you'd want any beer to be under. I'd say the spray flew a good 10 feet on some of them!

I took this as a sign that Grolsch bottles are almost immune to overcarbonation.

(Oh, and the beer was surprisingly drinkable!)

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