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Default So why go perlick?

So I have standard faucets and there seems to be s general consensus the perlicks are the superior choice and I've heard numerous people say they were happy to make the upgrade. Pardon my ignorance.... But why?

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So your taps don't stick shut on you,
Forward sealing means that all the parts are in the beer, so to speak, and reduces the sticking that regular taps seen to be haunted with due to less than normal useage. When I used the regular taps, my handles used to stick form time to time and I really had to tug on it to get it to open. I used to be afraid I would break the plastic tower I have.

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plus they're cool... lol
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If you want to only have to clean your faucets whenever you feel like it, as opposed to every time you go a day too many without pulling a pint, you'll buy the perlicks. Mine have never stuck, ever, and I keep my kegerator in a garage.
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Because BowieFan makes an adapter so you can bottle off tap!
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any difference between the 525PC and 525SS faucets? I know one is chrome(significantly cheaper) and one is SS. Is that the only difference?

The faucets that came with my kegerator stick a lot, so I have been looking to upgrade as well.
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I have three not perlicks, and I have had all three freeze up when I didn't use the taps on a regular basis, and left them dirty.

Since I have learned that lesson, I still plan to replace my old spigots one at a time with Perlicks...

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PC=Chrome Plated where SS=Stainless Steel.

I have three 575SS coming to move my kegorator conversion process along. I've been using the picnic taps, but get more foam than I want (5' lines)... I want to be able to pull a pint/glass of brew without opening the fridge door. So faucets are the only option. Since I'm going with faucets, I'm going with Perlick's. Since I'm also brewing porters (styles from the British Isles) and I don't want to get a nitrogen setup yet, the 575SS makes perfect sense (to me). The only thing I won't get is the cascade effect in the pour. I'm ok with not having that.

I'll probably get some 525SS faucets for the portable kegorator I'm gathering parts to build... That way, I can use them in other configurations as needed. Or just not worry if the brew I bring with me doesn't get finished right away. Plus, anyone that's ever tended bar should recognize the "P" on the faucet.
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This is all hearsay based on various articles but...
Standard taps tend to stick. They're useful when you have a high volume of drinkers and can clean it up once a day. (Like a bar or resturant where one would hope it's cleaned anyways).
Perlicks as mentioned don't stick due to their construction, and so you can pull just one beer a day and not have to go nuts cleaning it or worry about it sticking.

Many posts about ss/chrome. See: http://www.micromatic.com/beer-quest...se-aid-97.html
Pros: cheaper
Cons: but some worry about it wearing away in the drink
and it will dissolve in high acid liquids and I believe the brass may as well. (soda, cider, wine)
Stainless steel:
Pros: wont'd dissolve with high acid liquids. So either this, or plastic should be used for dispensing wine, soda, cider from a tap.
Cons: more expensive
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Yeah, the forward sealing is the important part. I think everything after that is the discussion about whether you want to be seen in a Mercedes or a Toyota. Either one will get groceries fine.
That said, Perlick SS is a one-time purchase that you can will to your kids, or easily re-sell with little loss. Think of it as an investment.

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