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Jun 2010
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Hi Guys,

I'm still a newbie by most standards, I've got a quick question. I've brewed a Hoegaarden Clone, using WYEAST. So far from tasting the hydrometer samples, it's excellent already - great news. I have to import WYEAST to get it to NZ, and that is very, very expensive (almost 1/2 the cost of the brew). I'm thinking of going straight into another brew when I bottle it. As I do 2 stage fermentation, I could, if it would work, prep the wort before bottling, then when it's cool, bottle and pitch the dregs into the new brew.

Would this work?

I've read about yeast washing etc etc, but if I'm doing it back to back, then is it really worth it?

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Nov 2010
philadelphia, pa
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hmmmm, it sucks that things are so expensive there in Kiwi town. You are close to being on the right track. I wouldn't just siphon onto the trub from your last batch...... some will say it's ok, some will say it's not. From my experience it's not. Just bone up on yeast washing and be patient. Yeast washing would be the best bet for someone with limited financial resources in a remote location like yours.

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Sep 2010
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Wash the yeast! It is completely worth the time it takes! Which really isn't that long.

I put my washed yeast in brown beer bottles and cap them. I leave them in my keezer and use them as I need. I do this just to save the $10 that it costs me for a new wyeast pack. In your case it will definitely be worth it!!!

Here is a tutorial for washing yeast. It's a sticky in the forum.

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Jan 2011
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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Either that or use Mr malty to calculate the correct amount of slurry to pitch.

I often wash yeast I'm not saving, just to practice the technique for when I do want to save some!

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