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Aug 2011
Somerset, Kentucky
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I am relatively new to brewing and i hope someone can answer a question for me. I started my first batch of Apfelwein last night. This morning when I got up, I looked at it and there seemed to be a lot of activity going on (pretty heavy bubbles), but I just took a peek at it again and there is absolutely no sign of any bubbling. Below is the recipe I came up with. Can someone tell me if I may have messed up - perhaps I killed the yeast? Thanks

2 gal. apple juice (all natural, no preservatives, pasteurized)
1.5 lbs organic cane sugar
5 grams Lalvin 1118

I made sure everything was well sterilized, so I do not think that could be an issue. I am actually brewing it in a Mr. Beer keg. It will be a while before I can expand my equipment. I know the sugar content is high for the juice volume, that is why I chose a yeast with a higher alcohol tolerance. I am anticipating something that is moderately dry, but still retaining a descent sweetness (organic cane sugar only being about 85% fermentable, I think)

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It's fine, from my experience apfelwein has a very "neutral" fermentation. I haven't done it with ec-1118 (I actually have my first pack of it in the fridge though to be done in a couple days) but when I did it with montrachet it was SLOOOWWW and LLOONNGGG. It was nothing like any beer I have brewed. Give it a few days, check the SG to see if it's dropped if you're really worried but personally I would just leave it alone, I'm sure it's doing fine.

Pretty much the only outside force you can screw up: what temps are you fermenting at?


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May 2011
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it is really helpful to use nutrient and energizer when making cider from store bought juice. there just aren't many nucleation points.
one of two things happened:
1: took off rapidly, now it settled down and the co2 is just dissolving through the water slowly. i've had this happen. or you developed a small leak around the airlock or gasket.
2: without any nutrient, your yeast started, then stalled. as long as you're confident in your sanitation, leave it be for a week, then take an gravity reading and see what is going on.
watch for excessive hydrogen sulfide formation also. smelling a little is normal, but overpowering means you have a problem that is easily fixed if caught early.
good luck and RDWHAHB

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No your probably ok I made a similar recipe just doubled the size your doing. Look closely you should see fine fine fine bubbles even check the surface sometimes its more apparent there. Ec-1118 has like no krausen like a beer so don;t be alarmed by this also don't be alarmed by the smell that will come from the fermentor it will be a cross between sulfur and rhino farts this is normal. Ec-1118 tends to ferment dry and the finished apfelwein will be similar to a dry white wine. Your on your way RDWHAHB.
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Nov 2009
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Yeah, it's probably going, so don't worry for now. Bubbles arn't a great way to measure fermentation and as said, it's a slow fermentation that can even appear inactive. And again, as said, nutrient would be most useful - the likes of beer etc have plenty of nutrients and proteins that make fermentation very fast, but apple juice is much less vigourous.

Don't worry about upgrading too quickly - only when you really want to. If you're sticking to extracts etc, it'll all be quite quick anyway, and there's really no need to expand! You will wish for a much bigger batch once you've tasted this one though...

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Aug 2011
Somerset, Kentucky
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Thanks for all the responses. I will just stop being paranoid about it and let it do what it is going to do

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