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Feb 2010
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Hey folks,

I picked up a kit today from Brewmaster Select, Hazelnut Brown Ale, and I've done partial grain brews in the past where i seep the grains for 30 to 60 min at 152 degrees F (or whatever), then add this to my main boil of DME and continue the recipe.

These instructions that came with this kit are very vague (start DME in 2 gallons of warm water, place grains in and put on medium high, after 20 min turn to high to boil and when boiling starts, remove muslin bag, and continue boiling for 35 min, etc. (I left a lot out but you get the drift)

Am i ok to follow my gut and scrap these instructions and do what I think a partical grain should be?

Basically seep the grains for 30 min at 152 (no reference to temp in these instructions) and then add the wort to the DME and boil, following standard receipe?

Here are the ingredients:

6 lb Light DME
1 cup chocolate malt
1 cup crystal malt -60 L
2 cup munich malt
1 cup victory malt
2 oz willamette hops (bittering)
whirlfloc (which I've never used)
1/2 oz fuggle (aromatic)
1/2 Hazelnut flavoring (didn't realize this was the case, but too late now)

yeast is WLP008

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah. Scrap the instructions and go with your usual brew day. Steep the grains then add the dme. No problem. The ingredients that came with the kit are no different than what you've used before. F 'em! Do what works for you!

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That doesn't look like a partial mash recipe to me. It looks more like a steeping grains with extract.

I would steep the grains at ~160*F for 20-30 minutes, bring to a boil, remove from heat, add the DME; stir well, bring back to a boil and add your hops at the schedule.

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Agreed. That's an extract with specialty grains recipe. Don't sweat it. If you treat everything with grains as if you're mashing it, you'll never go wrong.

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Well..............technically it IS a partial mash recipe, since Munich is a base malt and can convert itself.

But even so, I'd just do what you know. Put the crushed grain in a bag or two, keep in 1.5 quarts of water per pound of grain ("cups" is not a great measurement for brewing, so I don't know how much grain you have there) at 153-155 for an hour or so, remove the grains and bring the resulting liquid to a boil. You can then proceed with the boil.
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Something overlooked also is that even if people steep with grains with basemalts you can still get conversion within 30 minutes.Maybe.An hour is usually the assurance of conversion.But the extra 30 min is the easy part from steeping to partial mash.All you need is some base grains and more time,(usually) Assuming a good ph also which is a smaller factor and somewhat more of a techinical thing in brewing which is probably overrated with most highly modified malts

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Feb 2010
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Thank you all for your responses. I really appreciate it.

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