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Jun 2011
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So I just finished my first beer. It was the Petite Saison D'ete from Nothern Brewer. I opted to go with the 3724 instead of the 3711 because I live in Florida and it's much easier to keep a 90F temp in the summer than a 70F temp, plus I couldn't resist a challenge.

So I read everything I could about this "devil" yeast and started brewing. I first made a 1200ml starter a couple days before. I then brewed up the kit as instructed (OG 1.050). Decanted the yeast and pitched. I then put my bucket fermenter in a water bath with an aquarium heater and a water pump (Saltwater aquariums is one of my other hobbies so I just happen to have that stuff lying around.) I set the heater to 90F and walked away.

It did the expected explosion of fermentation within the first day, then slowed down, but the airlock kept bubbling for the next 2 weeks. I then went on vacation for a week, so no idea what was going on then.

When I came back there was no more airlock movement, so I figured it was done. Popped open the lid, stole some beer with my thief and got a gravity reading of 1.001. Perfect! And it tasted great too! I would have started bottling, but didn't have enough time to set everything up, so it'll stay in the bucket a bit longer.

I wanted to put my story out there for anyone that was afraid to try this yeast to let you know that if you treat this yeast right and give it some time, it'll do wonders. Hopefully this one post could counteract all the bad stories about 3724. If I can do this on my first brew ever, then anyone can.

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I agree. Dupont is a great strain. It just needs time and temperature and some love. I sort of look at the 3711 as the choir boy who does all his chores right when you tell him and 3724 as the child you have to lean on a little bit but does just as good a job.
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+1 on this yeast also, I started my saison on 8/2 and it finished today 8/25 SG was 1.062 and finished at 1.004 thats 93% apparent attenuation .
I did the same method a aquarium heater and pump to circulate. I would recommend starting this cooler 65F and keep it there for a couple of days then start ramping up .I was up to 92f in ten day and had no problems with it stalling out. Can't wait to try samples smell and taste wonderful
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