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Aug 2011
Knoxville, TN
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I know this question has been asked, but mine has a twist. I've returned to brewing after three years. When I was moving three years ago, I packed all my supplies (including several plastic bags of special grains as well as regular malt) in a box. The box was well sealed, but has moved from VA to NC to NY and now to TN. Besides during the moving process the box was mostly in a typical room temperature room, but may have spent a month in a hot garage.

My question is should I brew with them or toss them? I could understanding tossing the pale malt and marris otter, as who knows what my efficiency would be like. But what about the specialty grains if I'm doing some extract brews to get started or if I were putting them in a mash with "newer" pale malt?

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Nov 2010
Pinole, ca
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I'd stay away from all ass grain, no matter how fresh.

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Nov 2008
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taste them. If they taste stale, toss 'em.

Personally, I'd brew with them, but then again, I brew fairly often and have a pretty good pipeline going.
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Dec 2007
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Originally Posted by mcarb View Post
I'd stay away from all ass grain, no matter how fresh.
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Dec 2010
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If the grain was already milled/crushed, chances are it's NFG. If whole, it could be good. As mentioned, taste it to see.

How much grain are we talking about here? If only a few pounds (under 20#) then it might not be worth even trying to use it. After three years, I would be concerned that the grain would have lost enough of it's potential to not really be worth using. Or you'd need to use more of it to get the same end result...
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Jun 2011
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I wouldn't brew with it personally. Hop to grain cost wouldn't justify the effort frankly - with hops carrying more value in that equation than some old specialty grains that most likely aren't going to give your beer the potential to shine.
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Jan 2011
dfw, TX
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I would try brewing with the old grain.... If not just to use the free supplies to determine whether the rest of your gear is in working shape. If you get very low efficiency on the mash, or the beer tastes like ass, then it it is time to restock.

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Jul 2011
Hattiesburg, MS
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Hip Hop Horray!

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Jul 2009
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Use it to experiment. Wash but dont sanitize, aerate with your arm in the wort, rack using your mouth, etc. Just see how hard it really is to mess up beer and if its not see if it tastes good in the end

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Oct 2008
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betting on spoiled grains... but taste & see... you will know
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