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Jul 2011
Minneapolis, MN
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I wanted to share a quick outline of my filtration setup. The total cost including 1 round of filters was $47. I think itís a better configuration and less expensive than kits sold by the likes of Midwest. I also like this solution over the plate filters which offer less precise filtration.

2x $5.00 A-829D; SP-198 MIP to female pipe bushing 3/4 to 3/8. This is a metal fitting and everything else is plastic. If you can find it I would suggest a plastic fitting as its always better to mate like materials if possible and likely less expensive. Part can be purchased from most big box home improvement stores.

2x $3.16 PL-3026 Watts Quick Connect 3/8 in. x 3/8 in. Plastic Slip x MPT Adapter or $2.96 A-193 Watts 1/4 in. x 3/8 in. Brass Hose Barb x MIP Adapter. I recommend the Watts quick connects over barbs, it simplifies disassembly for cleaning and they have no problem with the very low levels of pressure used in the filtration process. Part can be purchased from most big box home improvement stores.

2x $1.32 Filter (1x 5 Micron for coarse filtering, 1x 1 Micron for finishing). These 1 time use filters can be purchased from many sources but the best value is to buy them in packs of 50 from this seller. If you email them they will split a 50 pack 25 5 micron and 25 1 micron for you. You can skip the finishing filter to save a little money and the results are still great. If you want a finer finishing filter you can also use a .5 micron filter.

2x $5.50 Ball/pin lock liquid post adapter just pickup at your local homebrew supply

1x $17 10Ē clear reinforced filter housing. Itís important to get a clear housing to see the level of beer in it (housing should be run full) and that the housing has a pressure release valve on top to bleed the co2 out so the beer fully fills the housing. Most kits from homebrew stores do not sell as nice a housing or one with an integrated release valve. I purchased this two pack from the same supplier as the filters and have been very impressed with the quality, far nicer then the Midwest kit. They also sell the housings in the singles. I like the two pack as it enables me to do both stages of filtering in the same pass. You might consider adding a filter housing wrench to your order for $2.50 to get a better seal.

Assembly seems self-explanatory but I can provide instructions. If there is interest I can also provide instructions on how to do the actual filtering.

Here is a photo of an assembled housing

Here is a photo of running both the 5 micron and 1 micron filters in a single pass at only about 4 PSI

Its been a great improvement to my setup. I now just skip secondary fermentation and my beer has a much higher clarity then before. At $2.64 a batch for filters is a clear win and honestly the 1 micron its optional. The 5 micron filter from the first stage comes out looking like it was clearly used where the 1 micron filters come out looking nearly new. I think I will try .5 micron filters in the future.

Anyone else filtering? If so what is your setup? Suggestions?

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May 2011
Antioch, CA
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Wow that is impressive.

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Jan 2011
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will the .5 micron strip flavor?

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Nov 2010
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How much do you think this will oxidize the beer?
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Jan 2007
Palmer MA
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I occasionally use a plate with a medium (7 micron) filter. I have been happy with the results except for the time it takes. I am curious what a .5 micron would do to the beer. What style are you thinking of using that on? This set up does look better than my plate. Do you purge the filters with starsan or something before using?

Thanks for the filter link though, I need one for a Randal and a new one for the brew cart!

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Aug 2009
Atwater, OH
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Very nice!
Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
And I'd like to see my 1.080 beers ready from grain to glass in a week, and served to me by red-headed twin penthouse pets wearing garter belts and fishnet stockings, with Irish accents, calling me "master luv gun," but we can't always get what we want can we? :)

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Sep 2007
St Catharines
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Cool setup Radix
I already have a filter housing and carbon filters that I use to filter water on a brew days. I have never considered using a disposable filter for clarifying beer but it makes sense in this application at that price. I was wondering your experience with the different micron sizes? I have heard that 5 microns might not filter enough and 1 micron strips to much?

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Feb 2011
Des Moines, IA
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What does this do to yeasties? Can you still get a bottle carbed up after that? I am guessing you force pressurize in a keg?

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Originally Posted by HHP View Post
How much do you think this will oxidize the beer?
Shouldn't oxidize at all. You're pushing with CO2 in a closed system.
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Mar 2011
millsboro, delaware
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Very cool... Just like what I have on the house for my salt. Question: Is that between the keg and the TAP, or for FILLING the kegs?
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