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Feb 2007
San Diego
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Five ( 5 ) Gallon Pin Lock Keg Soda Beer Cornelious (Coke) or 5 Gallon Cornelious Keg (Ball Lock)

Reason: Title Change

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Don't ask that question.

You wont get an answer.

Ask what is the difference.
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Feb 2007
San Diego
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Thanks I just changed it.

What is the difference?

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Dec 2006
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The availability - Ball-lock seem to be easier to find
The fittings - Although the quick disconnects for them seem to cost the same

Fairly uneducated response. Just getting into kegging myself.
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Ultimately there isn't a real difference, just different fittings, so I'm not sure why people prefer one over the other. As evanmars noted, ball locks do seem to be easier to find.

One thing to keep in mind, once you start down the road with one type of keg, you need to stick with it since the fittings are not interchangeable and conversion is not really feasible having multiple styles means having to swap out your fittings which is a PITA. So if your first keg is ball lock, make sure all your kegs are ball lock; it will make your life a lot easier.
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May 2006
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I have seen pin locks on eBay for quite a bit less $$ than ball-locks; the demand seems a lot higher for ball-locks. I chose to go the ball-lock route because of the greater availablity of kegs and parts, but I've never heard an argument that ball-locks are in any way BETTER.
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Chairman Cheyco
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Dec 2005
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Some actually prefer pinlocks because it's impossible to reverse the connections. I'll be switching to all pinlocks, since I found a line on them.
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There is one thing that Ball Lock kegs do better than Pin.

Pin lock connectors sometimes will make a little mess if you don't properly seat the connector/pins when you attach the connector. This cannot happen with ball locks because the valve is not opened until the connector has made a seal.

If you can score a large number of pin locks, snag them and head in that direction but really, your best bet for the long term (parts availability, lower prices and interoperability with other brewers) is to use ball lock.
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Jan 2007
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most pin locks are around 22"
ball locks are around 25"
not a big deal normally. my set up only had about 25 in. to work with. found pin locks that had been converted to ball locks, but had no idea when i bought them.
diameter is about 9" on pin 8.5 on ball

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DG Paul
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Nov 2006
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For me the diameter was a big deal. My fridge is just over 17" wide inside so I could fit ball lock kegs side by side, but not pin lock. Also, I think it is easier to find more size variety with ball locks. Anything bigger than three gallon and my beer fridge will only be a kegerator (Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I do like having some bottles in there, too.)

If you just need five gallon kegs, prices are generally better on the pins.

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