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Jan 2010
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OK, so I'm a pliny fan. I love the IIPAs, but I've realized mostly because I like that huge hop aroma. In fact, I get disappointed with so called DIPAs that don't hit me immediately with hop aroma/flavor. I don't mean I don't dig the bitterness too, but it isn't actually what I love about the IIPA.

Knowing that some people tolerate the more bitter beers, have there been any experiments with brewing a much lower IBU beer (like a pale ale) but then hopping it at knock out + dry hopping like a crazy IIPA (you know, 3 oz of the C hops tossed into the secondary)???

I know you guys at HBT have tried everything, fermented everything, dry hopped everything. What did you find out when you tried this?

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It's a fairly common practice for exactly the reasons you mention :-). Do a search on "hop bursting" and enjoy. (I'd give you some links myself, but I'm on the mobile client. And lazy! )

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Jun 2011
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I had an awesome hoppy Tripel that I dry hopped like a madman. Give it a try.

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Dec 2009
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I recently did an IIPA which had a focus on aroma and a big malt front. We will see how it goes, still about 5-6 weeks to go. My final IBU was about 60 which is still high, but not much considering what many other IIPAs run.

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Jan 2009
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I just finished a keg of Pale Ale with only late hop additions, 10 and 5 minute additions only, then dry hopped with 2oz for a week. It was awsome. I'm cold crashing a 2nd batch of the same thing right now. It's definitely a softer bitterness, no real up front sting like you might find on a American Pilsner is the best way I can describe it. Easy drinking and lots of hop flavor and aroma. It took me 7.5 oz to bitter 6 gallons to 35 ibus, then another 2 oz for dry hopping.

1.053 OG (malt bill is an Epic Pale Ale clone)
80% Golden Promise
10% Carastan
6.7% Light Carastan
3.3% CaraHell

35 IBU's (Hop combo is from Rogue Oregasmic Ale)
Willamette, Sterling, Revolution at 10 and 5 minutes
Willamette for dry hop

here's a link to Pope Jamil's Late Hopping Article

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Old 08-09-2011, 12:51 PM   #6
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Dec 2010
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Ohhh yeah! I agree, but it is all about finding a hop or two that YOU like!
Personally, Columbus and Simcoe...mmm, nmmm, mmmmm.

I did an amber ale low bittering IBUs, killed it with late hops, dry hopped for a week, then I put a metal strainer ball inside a nylon hop bag and put that in the keg with the beer while it was served. WHOA, it was exactly what you are talking about!
It smelled and tasted like the hops were just sweet liquid gold!

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Old 08-09-2011, 01:04 PM   #7
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Feb 2008
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I really want to try the hop bursting technique really soon. Does anyone know if Beersmith will reliably calculate IBUs from late hop additions? I think if I select "boil" in the hops tab that it will calculate IBUs whereas "aroma" will not. That seems odd though wince they truly are contributing some bitterness.
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Old 08-09-2011, 01:10 PM   #8
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Jan 2011
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I've been considering this approach as well. My wife likes some IPAs, and in talking and sharing different ones with her, I've nailed down that it is the bitterness that she doesn't like.

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May 2010
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I've been thinking about trying the "hopbursting" technique as well. If you are only adding hops for the last 15-20 minutes, is there any point in doing a full 60 minute boil?

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Feb 2011
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Some bittering is needed. I used the same malt recipe for my IPA as my Sunset Gold APA,which used a cooper's OS Draught can with 3lbs of Munton's plain light DME. Nice amber orange color. I used 1.5oz each of Columbus,Nugget,& Cascade in a 25 minute boil. I added the hops in 8 min,30 second intervals for that time. Columbus>Nugget>Cascade. The Cascade was whole leaf. I dry hopped with the remaining .5oz of each for a week. The aromas at bottling time were great. I put 2 bottles in the fridge yesterday afternoon for this evening.
Nice & clear last night,chill haze is clearing already! They were in bottles 12 days as of yesterday. I know that sounds early,but the APA I based the malt profile on was ready in 11 days flat. Although better at 4 weeks.
I'll have to report back when we try them this afternoon. 5.9% too,so it's not as big as a 90min DFH IPA,but it's promising to be good. Can't wait till later to find out.
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