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Default Trub or not to trub- that is the question

I know this has been beat to death, but want some input. I always try to leave the trub in my brew pot when filling my fermentor but it seems like I always end up pouring the majority into the carboy because I want to get all the wort as well. What are the best ways to keep the trub out or what is the consensus on what trub will do if poured into fermentor?

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For the most part, I let it go into the fermenter with a limited straining with a spaghetti strainer. The rest will settle out with the yeast after a month or so.


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It depends on your brew setup, but if you have a drain valve in your brew kettle, whilrpooling works really well, minimal carryover of trub into fermentor. What goes in can just settle out. I whirlpool and then drain through a CFC with no strainer and have not had clogging issues.
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For my first brews I just poured it into the fermentor, mainly because I use hop bags, so trub was minimal.

My last batch, however, was a pumpkin ale, and I wanted to avoid having to secondary due to a huge trub. I simply lined my bucket with a grain bag (paint strainer bag from HD), and poured the wort right into the lined bucket. Then I lifted the bag out. Done.

Of course that only works if your using a bucket. Otherwise, maybe a large funnel with a mesh strainer in it.

EDIT: These are the cheapo methods for beginners that don't have big setups. I don't have any high end equipment, so it works for me.
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I strain but it doesn't really matter. You will get trub in the primary no matter what. Straining or not straining will not change the beer. If you don't, you just have more trub on the bottom.
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**(not preaching, just preference)**

I pour everything in after a boil, it has yet to cause my beers any damage or off flavors and time packs it all down. Being careful and precise when racking to the BB and cool temperatures for the last week before bottling, I see no issues in clarity. My ales (except for the Aprihhop) have all been pretty clear after sitting for a couple months (months split between primary and bottles).

I do hear a lot of people recommending a sanitized strainer bag with successful results if you were trying to filter everything out but I've yet to try it myself. The only reason I could see myself straining a beer would be either I brewed a Kolsch or Lager and I want clarity out the #@$!, or if I were trying to harvest a yeast cake and I wanted to keep it as clean as possible before doing so.

Should be interesting though to hear more reasons and theories..
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I think there is no consensus on this one.

Whatever you decide to do, you can plan to have more wort that you can leave behind either in the pot or in the fermenter when bottling/kegging.

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I've tried whirlpooling and read all the threads on this site about it, but I can't seem to get it to work. Since I use an IC to cool, I don't have to worry about trub clogging my chiller, so I don't really bother with trying to whirlpool anymore. I drain the kettle valve out through a sanitized mesh strainer and catch a lot. I do sometimes have to empty the strainer out at least once before draining the last bit of wort.

But according to most, it's not a big deal if you can't get all the trub out. It will settle out.
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There's lots of opinions on this, and many different ways to brew. I'm using a syphon hose (because I can't lift the 5+ gallons of wort) and running the wort through a strainer that sits right on my plastic fermenter. It works pretty well for me. I attached a pic of what I use.

I used to put my hops in a muslin bag, but I was fed up with all the hops clogging my strainer, now I have a fine nylon bag for the hops. Much better for me.
And if it ends up in your fermenter, it'll settle out. when you tranfer your beer off, you can leave it behind.
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I'm not 100% on this, but I believe some trub is needed for yeast nutrition.

I do know too much can impart off flavors.

My first few brews I ended up dumping all the trub into the fermenter. Can't say it had any negative impacts.

Currently I just whirlpool, and the trub that got transferred will settle out in the primary.

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