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I just happened upon Hopville from Malticulous's signature - thanks for having that in there by the way. I had seen it before about a year ago or so. It usually pops up on Google searches for some clones. Well I never gave it a second thought until clicking on the link in Malticulous's signature, and looking around. I immediately signed up and threw up some recipes. As soon as they implement the import feature I might throw away my notebooks (well, not really - I use them to jot down stuff while actually brewing which is not practical for me to have a computer near my kettle).

Is anyone else utilizing this site? I like the layout and the ease of inputting recipes. I would like it better if I could import, but that might be included in the future. It also has a fairly robust database of user recipes. Call me smitten. It's the basic stuff that seems to impress me.

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I use it for the exact same reason. I like to have multiple copies of my recipes and having one in the ether never hurts. I also like to use it to come up with recipes. I haven't brewed any one else's recipes, but it's great for the free ideas!

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I use it all the time as well and store some of my recipes there. I also use for recipe ideas and formulation.
Share your user names there folks. I'd like to see and share recipes with other HBT users.
My user name there is FireBrew63 as well.
I can't keep up with what's fermenting and kegged.
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Reason: Additional user info.

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i love that site too. i have some of my recipes up there and mainly use it to formulate stuff, toss around ideas, and look for other ideas. if you use it much, send that dude 10 bucks or something because it's only getting better. (now he's got donate buttons everywhere)

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Count me in as another Hopville fan. Even though I just picked up Beersmith 2, it's been hard to wean myself off of Hopville - primarily because of 1) its ease-of-use, and 2) the web-based nature of it allows access from any computer (between my work laptop, home laptop/desktop, and tablet.. that's very convenient!)

Beersmith provides a ton more control and has a great collection of tools/calculators, but for 90% of the time, hopville fits the bill.

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i use both, hopville for a rough sketch and BS2 for cleaning up the recipe and dialing down my numbers. I like the wide selection of grains, hops, and other things HV has tho.

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I used it happily until I bought Beer Tools Pro. It's a fine site but $20 for a quality software is ultimately a better choice as you can do a lot more with it. Try a demo of one of them.

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I'm on there twice a week tweaking my recipes and looking at others. I think it's pretty exceptional for the price! Wide variety of grains, adjuncts, etc but does seem to lack boil times; I can't seem to figure out how to input a 90 minute boil.
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I like Hopville as well but I wish there was a way to scale down the recipe as I like to do small batches.

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You can, under the ingredients and hop additions you can input your gallon size.

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