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Default mead on tap

I have a 6 tap kegerator,
Lots of extra corny kegs and was wondering if anyone has put mead on tap before? Was curious if the tap would get sticky and lock up or if all was well?


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I put a mead on tap before, no issues. It was a dry show mead that I wanted to see if it would be good sparkling. It wasn't really all that great, but then again it wasn't all that great still either. Anyhow, no issues with sticking taps..

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My only problem is it was too easy to over indulge and made for some rough mornings.
I carbonate in kegs and bottle, having it on tap is too tempting.
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Kegs work great, and in fact, I find the aroma coming from kegged batches to be stronger in many cases as the gas bubbling out pushes the aromatics up into the glass (and your nose). If you use CO2 to push it, you wind up with mead that is at least petillant which I don't necessarily want. If you want to keep it still, push it with nitrogen or argon as those come out of solution in only a couple of minutes.
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