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Oct 2010
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Bottom line, it sounds like you'd get a few degrees, but not enough to effectively chill a batch.
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Originally Posted by Brewing Clamper View Post
Water has over 8 times more heat capacity than stainless steel (by mass). You'd be far better off using water ice, either directly or contained in a bottle that you can sanitize.
Wouldn't this be more accurate? "ICE has over 8 times more heat capacity than stainless steel (by mass)".

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Originally Posted by JKoravos View Post
I think you'd have to jiggle your balls for it to work.
Oh, that's your answer to everything.

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Originally Posted by RobbyBeers View Post
Oh, that's your answer to everything.

I have yet to encounter a situation where jiggling my balls didn't help, so...*jiggle*

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Jun 2011
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Most of you seem to be missing the point here. The real question is the size of the balls. If you have really big balls it might just work. But no matter the size, jiggling them is sure to help.

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Jan 2011
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The amount of heat ss holds was really what I was thinking would hold this back. I think it would be more efficient to simply freeze boiled water. Perhaps if you could encapsulate salt water with ss it would work better, but the pressure change would be pretty high between boiling and freezing and custom made balls would be expensive.

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its kinda like boiling with hot rocks, but chilling with frozen ball bearings. I would think for this to even get close to working, u'd need a massive vessel b/c of the displacement of how much SS ball bearings would be required.
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Lautering balls anyone?

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Not to mention having to clean the wort off of hundreds of balls. I hate to think about sticky balls between brew days.
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Unless you have a smaller number if really LARGE balls (easier to clean) that you super-cooled. IMO the materials cost and cooling time would make it a failure.

Dunk, or jiggle, your balls all you like in the hot wort. I still see the time to chill being far too long to make it to the 'good idea' list.
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