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Aug 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
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Waiting for my first home brew to carb up in the bottles. Just wondering, should the beer be poured into a glass and then consumed? Or should I drink straight from the bottle? Does it really matter ?

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Old and OK is good enuff
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Mar 2010
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Pour it into a glass, leaving the last 1/4" or so in the bottle. Remember, the beer is bottle conditioned so there is yeast in the bottom. It will make the beer taste funky!
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Nov 2004
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Pour it into a glass. There is going to be sediment in the bottom of the bottles and you do want to decant the beer from that. You also want to release the carbonation and form a head on the beer. Frankly it's what you should do with commercial bottled beer too.

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Feb 2010
conway SC., South Carolina
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definitely in a glass. its just better. although if you let it sit in the fridge for a couple of weeks that sediment gets pretty compact and wont come out much. i have drank a few from the bottles while floating in the river and didn't get any yucky clumps

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Feb 2011
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The yeast won't hurt you but it might make you fart :-)
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Oct 2010
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+1 glass. It tastes better from a glass, anyway since you get the full effect of the aroma.

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Dec 2010
Wichita, Kansas
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Always tastes better from the glass but sometimes I get lazy and drink it from the bottle.

Now that I'm kegging... well... I suppose I might just drink it straight from the keg, or growler!!!

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Old 08-02-2011, 12:41 AM   #8
Dec 2010
Cloverdale, California
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Always into a glass, enjoy every moment...the whisp of the cap, the CO2 at the top of the bottle sitting there, finding the right angle into a clean clear glass. Look at its edges and curves, happy pour with just the right head, it has a shine to it an aura. Appreciate for some time, take a sniff, take a sip, repeat. Cheers to your first beer.

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Oct 2009
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Jul 2011
Hattiesburg, MS
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And not just any glass...In all seriousness different shaped glasses will make your beer taste and smell better....I use the Sam Adams Imperial Pint Glass.
(except I have the 23 oz glass...)
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