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I'm fairly new to this homebrewing and when I bottled my beers I got some kind of sediment at the bottom of my bottles. What is it, is it used up yeast or is settled sugar? Either way, how do I get rid of it or keep it from happening again. I poured the sugar directly into my fermented beer then bottled it. Did I do something wrong or did I skip a step? The taste of the beer was fine, my friends and I were just kind of turned away by whatever settled on the bottom of the bottles. Is there something I can do?

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It's the yeast and a little trub from bottle conditioning. Most pour the bottles slowly to leave the sediment in the bottles (that's what the shoulder on the bottle is for!). Perfectly normal!

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When you bottle your beer, you want to do it in a separate vessel than in your original fermenter. Adding the sugar to the fermenter and then stirring it means that all of that trub that settled out is now resuspended in your beer! When it settles again, it'll be in the bottles which would gross me out. A bottle conditioned beer will have a very light dusting of yeast on the bottom, not gobs of trub.

When the beer is ready to bottle, you should siphon it ("rack" it) to a bottling bucket into which the priming sugar solution has been placed. You do this without splashing, and then bottle from the spigot with a bottling wand. This minimizes and sediment, and ensures only clear beer goes into the bottles.

Here's a good example:
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It is mostly yeast, nothing wrong with it, some think that it adds to some beers. All the sugar that you add is consumed by the remaining yeast in the beer to carbonate it. I pour my beer into a glass and leave most of it behind. You can cold crash your beer prior to bottling in order to have more of the yeast settle out.

You poured just sugar into the beer or did you make a priming sugar (sugar + water, boiled)?

Use bottling bucket or just bottle from carboy? If you rake it into a bottling bucket you can also prevent more sediment from reaching your bottles. You will also be able to thoroughly mix priming sugar into beer before bottling.

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The tiny dusting at the bottom is completely normal and you will never get rid of it. If you have a huge sludge, obviously it needs to be addressed further.

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Thank you
I've always been a quick learner and will most definately produce a better beer next batch. Someone also mentioned about "Force Carbonation" is this effective when bottling and how do I do it. I'm shooting for commercial clear beer like you buy from a store.

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Also try extra long primary fermentation, like 6+ weeks. Force carbonation is for kegging beer and would help the beer clear, but it is possible to get clear beer from bottles, just more time.
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my recomendation: Have an understanding SWMBO

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