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Feb 2012
omaha, ne
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When it's 10 degrees outside and your boiling wort in your garage wearing a ski suit, gloves and a parka as people drive by and just shake their heads.

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Aug 2012
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When your brewing out front, and your neighbor across the street (deputy Sheriff) yells "if thats illegal, atleast go in the backyard"

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Jan 2011
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Originally Posted by Jim1234
When your brewing...

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Brew the brew!
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Oct 2008
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When SWMBO is intimately familiar with your brew schedule and is able to anticipate when you're going to brew deviant to said schedule.
The only thing more asinine than stupid rules is the enforcement of rules simply because they are the rules.

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Jul 2011
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When you look at the hook from an old shower cleaning apparatus, and say 'huh, that would make a great hop bag holder for the keggle', and dismiss the thought...

and six months later, after scrubbing said hook to the hilt, throw the shower cleaning device out - in order to use the hook for said purpose...
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Jul 2012
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When it's hot all week and see that tonight the temperature is going down into the 50's and can't help but think of the word refrigeration. So I wheel my conical and 2 primaries that are running in mid 70's from the krausen spike outside at 10pm and set my alarm for 6am to bring back inside. What do you know? It's fermenting at 66 now! Less fusels/esters being produced now :-)
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Feb 2011
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When you search the net for the best deal on stove heating elements to start brewing again.
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Nov 2010
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When, at the end of a long afternoon brew session wherein nothing has gone right, you stand beside that white bucket with the blue lid and think, "I have made beer!"

Now feast, you yeast!
"I sit here and drink my good Wittenberg Beer, and the Kingdom of God comes all by itself." -Martin Luther

"Good men drink good beer." -Hunter S. Thompson

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Originally Posted by emjay View Post

Originally Posted by IrregularPulse View Post
Have you ever had decent sex that didn't involve shoving a foot somewhere? Didn't think so. :drunk:

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Mar 2012
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You go to the local "arts, beats & eats" festival, discover it is sponsored by AB-INBEV, and wander aimlessly for 45 minutes looking for craft beer choices that are not ShockTop. (Thankfully I found Rochester Mills and some New Belgum)
“Terrorists, Sam. They’ve taken over my stomach. They’re demanding beer.” — Norm Peterson, Cheers

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