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Jan 2011
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When you refer to the grounds left in the bottom of your coffee cup as "dregs".

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Originally Posted by hodge
When you refer to the grounds left in the bottom of your coffee cup as "dregs".
I've always done that.
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Yeah, used that term before I ever brewed.

BTW, I know it's been a while, but I would like to thank the moderator that changed the Your to You're in the thread title.

It bothered me every time I saw it (it is a petty, I know)
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Originally Posted by TyTanium View Post
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Sep 2011
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When you go to your family or friends house and check there fridge. You shortly realize they only have Miller Light. You tell them you'll be right back. After 30 mins you return with 4 cases of your favorite mirco. You stuff the fridge beyond full and say "That's better"
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Jan 2011
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That has to be the cheapest way to get a fridge full of good beer. Fill it with miller lite and invite you over

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Originally Posted by Schmutzli
when you have a permanent saltwater cooling bath in your freezer
Heh, I did this about a month ago, for both beer and soda. Don't use it for homebrew though as it needs sufficient time for proper carbonation.

Originally Posted by Special Hops

That could be it. But I just didn't think of it. In the south it's hard to have a reason to warm the fermentation chamber.

I thought all light skunks beer. Maybe fluorescent more then others?
UV light skunks beer. Fluorescent puts out FAR more UV than incandescent bulbs, but many LEDs put out none.

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... you realize that you can clean everything in the house, and make it look like new, with the same chemical agents used for your brewing grear.
I mixed some BEST brand iodine with some Meyers cleaner and am loving the results.
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you visit friends up north (pittsburgh in this case) and upon drinking the very cold tap water you think "man, i could cool my wort really quickly if our tap water was this cold."

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When you have over ten pounds of hops in your freezer (which is the freezer in the brew fridge, not the one for food) and you're thinking about buying even more.

When you have over 200# of base malt and you're worried about running out before the next club buy (3x a year).
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When you are out to eat with swmbo and all you can think about is how well your whiskey stout would pair with this coffee rubbed steak.

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