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Feb 2007
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just wanted to express my regret over ever trying to mess with the party pig after its pressure pouch is partially activated.

first off, for those of you that don't know what the party pig is, look here. a decent idea when used properly.

anyways, this all started when i put the pressure pouch in backwards. to add to my problems i used a high pressure compressor to activate which blew off the restricter plug located on the backside of the lid/pouring valve. so i called quion industrial, the pig makers, and they said i may need to open it to reverse or replace the bad if it didnt activate and i definetly needed to reinstall the restrictor plug otherwise the beer would just foam when trying to get a pint. both situations called for me to open the party pig, fish out the floating plug, and possibly remove or activate the bag somehow - not a whole lot of good options.

so after removing/replacing the restictor plug, and even getting the bag to come out since it hadnt activated yet. i thought id be smart and give the pressure bag some "activation assistance" by shaking it around and replacing it the right way. remember in science class when you mixed baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice? thats what inside the bag, but it had a slight delay in blowing up like a balloon. yes, it was kind enough to allow me to put it all the way inside the pig and before i knew it (and before i could get the lid on) i had a pretty brown geyser in my kitchen. by the way if you love cheeses caramel cream ale you'd love 2 gallons of it spewed all over your clothes and kitchen, feels great.

if your not familiar with it, the party pig lid consists of two metal rings which you secure using four screws. sounds easy doesn't it? i guess my rant is that i really dont see why they made such a difficult lid to install. well a flip lid with a locking mechanism (think corny keg) is much, much easier.

so learn my lesson and never, never try and activate that bag when its not inside the party pig and if you need to open it for any reason take it outside. all in all, if you have no room available i guess this product is the way to go but ive learned my lesson and im buying a keg setup as soon as possible.

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Brewmasters Warehouse
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Mar 2007
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Thanks for the advice. I have been mulling over my decision to buy a small system or just go all out with a kegging system. After your story I think I will just have to convince SWMBO that a keg is the only option.

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Jan 2007
Lanoka Hbr., NJ
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When used properly, a Party Pig is a great alternative to bottling or kegging. I have two, one since 1994, and have never had a problem.
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