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My Dad used to be a kit brewer, but he never brews beer anymore. Since I hate to see anything beer related go to waste, I took to cans of LME off of his hands promising that I would put them to good use. They are both Cooper's pre-hopped kits. I plan to use them with a few partial mash recipes, but I am unsure how to consider the hops/IBUs.

Clearly, I will need to add flavoring and aroma hops since these are likely hopped with some hop extract. Is there any resource which provides info on what hops are used in the kit extracts and how many IBUs to consider already in the mix?

Any help here is appreciated since it has been years since a liquid malt extract has been in my brewery.

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This old post of mine should help you out. Cooper's IBUs are based on the can and not the dilluted volume.

I fell for that one myself. 710 IBU and 560IBU is for the bitterness at 1.7kg level. By the time you dilute to (say) 23litres, the IBU of the wort is no where near that level.

Coopers Kits

Lager 90 EBC 390 IBU
Draught 130 EBC 420 IBU
Real Ale 230 EBC 560 IBU
Bitter 420 EBC 620 IBU
Dark Ale 550 EBC 590 IBU
Stout 1800 EBC 710 IBU
Canadian Blonde 70 EBC 420 IBU
Bavarian Lager 90 EBC 390 IBU
Mexican Cerveza 53 EBC 300 IBU
Australian Pale Ale 90 EBC 340 IBU

This is for the concentrated form in the can - to get the figure for 23litres: multiply by 1.25 and divide by 23.
To convert EBC to SRM: SRM = (EBC - 1.2)/2.65

Therefore 710 IBU in can = 710 x 1.25 divided by 23 litres = 38 IBUs.

Here's a followup post with an email exchange between a homebrewer and someone @ Cooper's.

QUOTE (My email)
How do you calculate how bitter a beer is?

I made a Coopers Bitter, which from your website says is 620 IBU. This is the bitterness of the tin yes?

If made to 23L, what would the bitterness of the beer be?

Would it be 620IBU/23L = 27IBU?

Thanks for your help,

And got the reply:

QUOTE (Coopers reply)
G'day Robert. You're close. You also need to take into account the volume of can (1.25l) and allow 5% loss during fermentation:

(620 X 1.25)/23 X 95% = 32 IBU

Cheers, Frank.
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Perfect info . . . thanks.

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