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Aug 2006
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I'm pretty new to brewing, but the last 3 kegs I've "gotten to know" (i.e. didn't get floated in under 3 hours) have been noticibly better towards the end. Does anyone else experience this, and is there a reason for it?

I thought maybe it was an aging thing, but I let my ESB go 3 months before tapping it, and it was a little too bitter for my taste. Now that I'm about 1.5 gallons to the finish it suddenly became perfectly bitter.

Similarly, my Ahtanum pale ale was pretty good for the first few gallons, but quickly became an explosion of grapefruit deliciousness in the home stretch. I might have to start having parties and telling the guests the keg "floated" at T-10 pints.

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Pabst Blue Robot
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One thing to consider is that the carbonation level is often different as the keg depletes. I find that mine tend to be more carbonated toward the end, despite no changes to the serving psi. Carbonation can impact perceived bitterness.
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Because you know when you blow the keg, you'll have room for another batch.
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Some beer age well.

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Just proves out the old homebrewer adage...the beer's not ready until the last one is poured...
HB Bill

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Tis true...

Nothing is so fully appreciated as that which has left us...(or is about 1.5 gallons from leaving us...).

In other words..."We cherish most just before our departure..."

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Mar 2007
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Could it be due to the 4 gallons of beer you just drank? I know I LOVE my beer after I really been geting after it.

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God Emporer BillyBrew
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Originally Posted by hialtitude
Could it be due to the 4 gallons of beer you just drank? I know I LOVE my beer after I really been geting after it.
yeah, and even commercial beers are like that. For me anyway. I don't really start digging them until I've had a case or so.
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Mar 2007
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The hardest thing is to have the discipline to let the beer age long enough before diping into it. It's even worse when you have a beer drinkin wife that's constantly asking "is it ready yet?". Remember to just say no, marriage be damned.

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