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May 2008
Seattle, WA
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I was at a local sports bar here in Seattle this weekend when I saw this neat setup for having "draft" beer at your table:

Apologies for the blurry cell phone pic. It's basically a plastic pedestal on which is mounted a large clear tube that you can fill with brew. There's a tap on the bottom. Apparently you order it and the waiter brings it filled to your table. Didn't have time to bother the staff since I saw it on the way out the door.

I've tried a couple restaurant shops and looked around on the web, but no luck so far. Does anyone know who the manufacturer of this thing is?
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Feb 2009
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I've seen them at a few places online since I've been searching for parts for my kegerator. . .but I can't remember where at the moment.

A quick google search for 'beer tower' shows this on Amazon:

Prolly as good of place as any to pick one up.

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Apr 2011
Lockport, NY
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Just be warned that if you aren't drinking it fast enough, it will get warm.

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Apr 2010
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i got my drip tray from they have many different sizes of them.
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Sep 2008
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You can find them on ebay pretty cheap.

Frankly, I think they are just a gimmick. If you need more than a beer at a time, what's wrong with a pitcher? That long, skinny tube will get warm faster (more surface area).

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Those have been around for some time. There is a smaller tube within the larger tube that is filled with ice to keep the beer cold. My wife bought one from some catalog a couple years ago. It's a neat thing to have in the basement, but we used it once when we first got it and haven't used it since.
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Jan 2011
Dirty Water
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So the outside tries to get warm while the inside tries to freeze.

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Gimmicky nonsense. My beer won't be going in one of these.

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Mar 2011
Dana Point, CA
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In France this is quite popular to get better prices in bars by ordering more at a time. It is called "une girafe" (I am sure that you understand why). It is basically the equivalent of a pitcher, just bigger. Let me tell you that beer did not have time to warm up :-)

Now is it useful to have this at home, in addition to your keezer ? I am not sure.
But it is definitely a nice way to present your beer while having some friends over for a party.

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Apr 2011
St. Thomas, Ontario
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Originally Posted by tnshurtm View Post
Just be warned that if you aren't drinking it fast enough, it will get warm.
There was a place here in London (Ontario) called Taps On Talbot that sold a tap like this to bring to the table. It had a column full of ice in the middle to keep the beer cold as you drink.

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