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May 2011
Green Bay, WI
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I have been brewing for only a few months and have absolutely fell in love with the process. I have used the kits and the malt extract containers to make some fine tasting beer. I am wondering how somebody makes the turn to become a purist. I am a greenhorn at this hobby but I want to know how people go from kits to buying their own ingredients and trying their own recipes.

Proast |_|>

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Nov 2010
renton, wa
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I know for me I read ALOT before I went into all grain. Got a couple books.

Joy of Homebrewing
How to Brew
Designing Great Beers

Watched a few you tube all grain videos... Chatted alot with my local Homebrew store owner (ended up buying most of my all grain equipment from him)

I know alot of people recommend joining a local homebrew club so you can watch the process.

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Find a style that you like, and then start reading and asking questions.

The HBT Wiki has a pretty good write-up on lots of the styles.

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Feb 2011
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you don't have to go AG right at the start to make your own recipes. Just learn what extract combos (LME & DME,whatever) can make what color & flavors with what hops. It's pretty hard to screw up with a little common sense & a touch of insight.
That's what I've been doing,& they're getting way better. It's easier & fun for the newly initiated. Then,as you get a good process down,try steeping grains,mini mash,then maybe AG. Don't rush it,AG has a whole new set of rules to screw up.
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Feb 2010
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Reading up on the process is key, as others have mentioned. I found it handy to map out my process step-by-step for the first couple to ensure I didn't miss anything. I also found Bobby_M's All Grain Primer extremely helpful.

+1 to unionrdr's input too.

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Mar 2011
Lacombe, Alberta
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You might also look intothe BIAB system which is really taking off.This site ,will give you all the info into the system.I found it quite simple, after many years of brewing kits.

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Jun 2011
Cape Girardeau, MO
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I made three batches of extract and moved to all grain. the extract tasted fine, but the quality of all grain and the types of beer that are possible with out much more work was a my motivation. it does cost a little more to get into all grain, but the cost per batch is less. any way you cut it, the beer is better than Miller! I like the brewing and the drinking of the quality beer, but with thousands of recipes i have no idea how anyone could start to design there own...

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Jun 2011
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I said screw it and just by passed all other methods and went with all grain. The only real expenditure for me was to make in immersion chiller and then upgrade to a larger kettle.

I don't consider all grain to be to difficult. If you have a turkey fryer and a cooler you can do all grain with just a few modifications.

Use some of the calculators like on to formulate some recipes to see what they might be like before you brew. Definitely check out the BIAB method as it is a real cheap no frills way to basically do AG brewing.

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Mar 2010
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If you're loving the process you def want to go all-grain pretty quick. I did it after 3 batches and enjoyed it a lot. Mashing is satisfying to me, I like seeing it go from grain to beer (not bashing extract, extract is fine too).

What I did was use/slightly modify some recipes I found on HBT and ordered my grain from brewmasters warehouse. That way you can begin tweaking and playing with stuff. Bulk hops are a pretty good idea to save some $ too, and then you can start saying to yourself "what can I do with a ton of nugget, willamette, and palisade....hmmmm..."

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Oct 2010
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Originally Posted by Chia View Post
I made three batches of extract and moved to all grain.
I did too.

Read a lot. This site is loaded with info. There are great books out there (How to Brew, Joy of Homebrewing, Designing Great Beers, Yeast, New Brewing Lager Beer...). Keep reading, keep brewing, and be patient.

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