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Jul 2011
Tioga, WV
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So I did a search... and I did not find an answer to this question. I'm a new user. I just realized that oxidizing is bad after fermentation. When I moved my beer, an Irish red ale, to secondary, i filtered through a metal screen that came with my kit. I just realized this is a bad idea. Is my beer going to taste like "wet cardboard?" It had all kinds of bubbles that looked like a rather large head in the carboy when I finished the transfer.

I definately wont be doing such things again. The filter didnt even catch anything. The beer I have in primary now had a lot of hops added and had a lot of debris in the primary. Will it go away? What should I do about this?


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Feb 2011
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Not much you can do but keep an airlock on it & hope for the best.
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I did the same thing with one of my first batches. It was my first time dry hopping and I thought that I would need to strain the hop pellets out. Needlees to say it was unnecessary. Anyway, I didn't get the dreaded wet cardboard flavor. The beer came out fine. Your results may vary, and I wouldn't advocate straining beer.

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Oct 2010
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Depending on how long ago you did this you could add some sugars. When the yeast wakes up to eat the new sugars it may consume the O2 also.
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Best bet is to forget about filtering and let the stuff drop out of suspension on its own. Use a clearing agent like Irish Moss or Whirlfloc (a form of Irish Moss) and let your beer sit for two weeks in the secondary. Another 2 weeks in the bottle and you should be pretty close to clear. if you're not, the cloudiness can't hurt you and is tasteless - just doesn't look as pretty.

As to whether you ruined your Ale? Probably not - you'll find out.

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Old 07-19-2011, 01:27 AM   #6
Jul 2011
Tioga, WV
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thanks guys. i dont plan to do that again. when i transfer to secondary do i want to try to prevent as much splashing as possible? my next one is getting dry hopped.

I dont really care much about clarity. I just didnt want chunks of hops in my bottles and in my mouth.

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Jun 2011
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Seems to me that if you are patient and careful with your siphoning, chunks of anything shouldn't be a problem.
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May 2011
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When I rack to a secondary I fill from the bottom up with an auto-siphon. Seems to work so far
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Jun 2011
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A lot of people dry hop right in the primary. May want to try that. You can use a hop bag to help contain the sludge
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Apr 2011
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You can just take a racking cane and rubberband a hop bag on the bottom (all sterilized of course), and it will filter basically everything out. I always dry hop with whole hops, and using this method I get to just stuff the hops in and let em swim around in the carboy without a single leaf making it into the bottling bucket. But as far as oxidation, you'll be fine. Even in a secondary there is activity that will consume the O2 in the brew. In the future, don't secondary. Unless your going to fruit the beer or something like that, its a meaningless step

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