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Feb 2011
Tyler, Tx
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My work schedule has been crazy and has forced me to stop transfering to a secondary. Best thing that has ever happened! My last three batches have come out crystal clear, great taste and fantastic. So if you are transfering still I would suggest to stop. These have been my best beers to date

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Jun 2010
Fort Collins, Colorado
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Not too many people secondary with any regularity any more. I only secondary beers that are > 1095-ish or if I am adding oak/fruit, etc. 3-5 weeks on the primary yeast cake is fine
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Dec 2010
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Nice to see someone else finally "seeing the light" here...

I brew/ferment at a friends place since my LL went neurotic on me. So, due to his schedule, and family things, I typically go more than a month in primary (often in the 5-8 week range) before going to bottle/keg... Been getting GREAT beers this way. It also helps that we both ferment in his basement, which is a pretty stable 64-65F year round.

BTW, if you're not kegging yet, just wait until you do...

Other things that give you facepalm for not doing before:
Dry hopping in primary
Using a plate chiller instead of an IC.
Ball valves in the kettles (or almost everywhere).
Fermenting in SS vessels (I'm using kegs).
Using a stir plate to make your starters (EPIC!).
Using pure O2 to oxygenate your wort (another EPIC! item)...

I'm sure there's more but those come to mind quickly, and often...
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Mar 2011
somerset, NJ
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Newbies learn from this
Leave 3 weeks minimum and no secondary. One less thing to stress over.

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Jul 2011
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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That's where I'm at. I have a dry irish stout celebrating a birthday today (it's two weeks old!) and instead of racking it to secondary, I'm just going to leave it be for another two weeks in primary before bottling. I'll probably pry open the bucket in the middle of next week to take a gravity/tasting sample. It's only my second batch ever, but I've learned so much over the last few months just reading forums and watching the many helpful videos on youtube.

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Jan 2011
hastings on hudson, ny
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KISS!!!! i was forced into this realization simply because i don't have a secondary vessel and am too lazy/poor to go and get one. not once have i ever regretted it...although i'm wondering about fruit beers...

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Jan 2010
Gresham, Oregon
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I've used a secondary fermentor only once in almost two years of brewing. It was the worst beer I have made so far. Coincidence?


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Feb 2010
Florence, Massachusetts
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I don't bother unless I'm racking it on to something. Great lesson in life "make no more work than is neccessary." I agree with the three week minimum rule as well.

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Sep 2009
Isle of Staten
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I second the no secondary

Sometimes I even add late-addition ingredients to the primary once fermentation has stopped. I do like to transfer if I am dry hopping though. Something about yeast and dry hops never tastes right to me.

Originally Posted by Golddiggie View Post
I brew/ferment at a friends place since my LL went neurotic on me.
I saw you mention this in another thread. Can your LL really tell you that you can't brew? You might want to look into the legalities of that.
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Mar 2010
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When it comes to secondary fermentation, there is some who swear by their benefits - time for beer to clear up, reduce risk of autolysis.

I have been brewing for 4 years and never did a secondary because of the hassle required. I don't really see the point though unless one is lagering for a month. To lager in kegs is still viable but lagering in bottles is a damn hassle and it affects the carbonation as well (cos the yeast just don't ferment at lagering temperatures).

I would say, for ales, bottle conditioning would do fine. but if you really need to lager or add fruit and other additives, consider a secondary.

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