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Dec 2006
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I been enjoying the British 1098 and the Kolsch 2565.

I do not see lots of beer that use the Kolsch so thought I'd play with it.

It an interesting yeast.

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Feb 2006
Manhattan, KS
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The one that fits the style I'm brewing.

Sorry for the smartass answer--I couldn't stop myself.

I've made some very good beers with 1098 also.

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Aug 2006
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Yeah, I don't really have a particular favorite. I do like Wyeast London ESB, because of it's ridiculously clean flavors and super-high flocculating properties. Unfortunately, the only batch I made with it (outside of a cherry stout that masked its properties) got infected somehow. SO disappointing. I had this awesome london ale while it was in secondary. I dry-hopped it and aged it...you wouldn't believe how clear and delicious it was at bottling. Then...the first bottle...cloudy...sour...gusher...BASTARD!

Oh well. Gonna use it again someday.

I'm also a fan of pacman, and Wyeast Abbey Ale (very spicy!). So far, the Wyeast Bohemian Lager has produced a fabulous, clean pils, but it's not done lagering yet, so the verdict isn't completely in.
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Jun 2006
South River, NJ
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I've always got a fresh stash of WLP400- Belgian Wit Ale Yeast and Nottinghams at my place. I suppose you could call them my favorites - but only because I like the style of beer they make.
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Aug 2006
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I've always got White Labs London Ale (013) on hand. Other than that it's pretty much whichever fits the style best. Right now I have pacman and Edinburgh Ale on hand as well.
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Chairman Cheyco
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Dec 2005
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Depends on the style for me as well, but I always have a few satchels of Nottingham around. That stuff makes beautiful, clean beers and it's so much easier than using liquid yeast.
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Sep 2006
Ontario, Canada
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I really like WhiteLabs Burton Ale yeast. I use it in my stouts and porters and recently in an IPA which turned out awesome. Aside from that I'm with cweston; I use whatever is appropriate for what I'm brewing. I tend to favour WhiteLabs simply because it is what is immediately available to me.
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Ivan Lendl
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Feb 2006
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SF lager, safale 04, and london ale...
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Will work for beer
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Jan 2005
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Originally Posted by Raffie
I been enjoying the British 1098 and the Kolsch 2565.

I do not see lots of beer that use the Kolsch so thought I'd play with it.

It an interesting yeast.
I am interested in that Kolsch yeast. I've heard it does best around 60°.

What is interesting about it in your opinion?
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Old 03-26-2007, 04:58 PM   #10
Nov 2006
Nipomo, CA
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Nottingham gets my vote. Quick starting (pitch it dry) and clean fermenting.
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