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Jul 2005
Poo-Poo Land
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Michelobe now makes a Bavarian Wheat and a Marzen. I'm on the Hefe now. It tastes like michelobe with hefe yeast.
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Aug 2005
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Can't wait for their double IPA...
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Feb 2007
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Whew I was waiting for this day, Man I was getting so tired of actually making and drinking good beer.
Please see following post for an honest response to what I can only say that I pull a huge BS flag on.


Please return to your regularly scheduled Michelobe Bashing.
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Oct 2005
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Good thing I don't like hefes much, so I can pass on being disappointed.
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Feb 2005
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Fortunately for me...I don't EVER sample their crap...same goes for BMC.
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Jul 2006
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Originally Posted by Cheesefood
Michelobe now makes a Bavarian Wheat and a Marzen. I'm on the Hefe now. It tastes like michelobe with hefe yeast.
/blowing hefe through the nose all over screen & keyboard.

No f'ing way!

They've already tried to put Shiner out of business by renameing Michalobe Amber to Ziegen Bock here in Texas. (what a f'ing joke).

I can't wait to try it.....NOT!

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Old 03-26-2007, 04:26 AM   #7
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Mar 2007
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The Marzen is great. I liked the porter also. Not so much on the wheat, but i have yet to like any other wheat beers besides American.

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Old 03-26-2007, 04:26 AM   #8

Store bought, what's that??
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Old 03-26-2007, 05:43 AM   #9
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Dec 2005
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I've heard they still make beer in CANS too. I mean really, who drinks that?
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Old 03-26-2007, 07:07 AM   #10
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Oct 2006
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I think all of the main breweries are finally realizing that not everyone enjoys their swill, and that there are so many micro/craft breweries out there that more people are going to be interested. It's too late for them to bring serious homebrewers and beer lovers like ourselves back into their fold, but they have a plan.

They are trying to catch the guys who think they are starting to discover good beer, the guy that has drank BMC his entire life and one day sees an advertisement for a Hefe, or something unique. He goes to the store, and because of their prominent advertising(mountainous cardboard pyramid of michelob hefe cases) the first hefe he sees is by Michelob. Guy says "I've always like me some Michelob, so this must be some good hefe" He buys it, shares it with his buds, and they never try anything else. If BMC develops a few varieties of beer, they can probably stop most emerging beer conniseurs from trying anything but their product.

They are already doing it, with things like Bud World Select, etc... Maybe some of these are actually good beers, but it seems to me it is more like an attempt to run the micros/craft out of business.
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