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Jun 2011
Assonet, MA
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I am a quarter of the way through the boil on this beer right now. 42 minutes remaining.
I bought this recipe kit from
I am confident this beer will come out fine. I will update this thread when its carbonated.

I used all distilled water for this batch. 7 gallons total. I got close to 6 gallons in the boil pot. My pot is 24 quarts and I filled it to within a half inch.
I added some brewing salts.
Starting Water (ppm):
Ca: 0
Mg: 0
Na: 0
Cl: 0
SO4: 0
CaCO3: 0

Mash / Sparge Vol (gal): 4 / 3
RO or distilled %: 100% / 100%

Total Grain (lb): 11
Non-Roasted Spec. Grain: 0.5
Roasted Grain: 0.5
Beer Color (SRM): 3.99

Adjustments (grams) Mash / Boil Kettle:
CaSO4: 3 / 2.25
CaCl2: 4 / 3
MgSO4: 3 / 2.25
NaHCO3: 3 / 2.25
NaCl: 0 / 0
CaCO3: 0 / 0
Lactic Acid (ml): 0
Sauermalz (oz): 0

Mash Water / Total water (ppm):
Ca: 117 / 117
Mg: 18 / 18
Na: 54 / 54
Cl: 127 / 127
SO4: 188 / 188
Cl to SO4 Ratio: 0.68 / 0.68

Alkalinity (CaCO3): 118
RA: 23
Estimated pH (room temp): 5.59

I neglected to get a gravity reading post boil. sigh...

the recipe sheet says this brew should have a SG of 1.030-1.050
I checked my gravity reading at room temp around 75F, it was 1.060 15.25 brix, with an estimated ABV of 8%
Does that mean my efficiency is over 100%?
Who's the brew master!! LOL

Here is a photo of my cold break and what not...

In this video I am collecting my sweet sweet wort...

In this photo I am pinching the tube end coming from the mash tun creating a dual stream to maximize aeration...

Look at the clear 3.99SRM stream of deliciously sweet wort!

Boil-over mess on the side of my pot...

Chilling the wort...

My only flaws are as follows:
I failed to properly heat my tun to prevent heat loss during mash, however I did remedy this and continued to mash for an hour after I added my brew salts which I had forgotten to add at the very beginning, so the mash was resting in distilled water for 30 minutes or so before I added the minerals and reheated wort to fix the temp. I drew off around a half gallon of wort from the mash and heated it to 165F and stirred. This brought the mash up to 154F and stayed above 152F for the entire hour. I don't know how this effected my water profile above, but I ended up mashing all 11Lbs of grain with 4 gallons instead of 3, and I sparged with 3 gallons.
My next fail was a bit of hot side aeration. I collected my wort into my fermenting bucket and then poured it into the pot.This cause some aeration, not a vigorous proper aeration, but I want to avoid this next time anyway.
I also had some trouble putting water into my airlock. This is the first time I had this kind of trouble. This is a new fermenter. I finally decided to add the water after inserting the airlock. But a few drops of spring water did drop into the beer. I am sure this will be unnoticed in the finished product because there is not a serious risk of infection as the spring water is UV filtered .

I am sure I will have more to add later, so keep posted for changes if you are interested in this post.
The major thing I am taking away from this batch is that I got over 100% efficiency and I only used 3 gallons of sarge water. I guess if you mash it the way I did there is nothing left to rinse from the grain bed.

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Feb 2011
Clayton, NC
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First pic looks like you had a boil over...been there done that . Keep that spray bottle handy and spritz .

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Jun 2011
Assonet, MA
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Originally Posted by wheels4
First pic looks like you had a boil over...been there done that . Keep that spray bottle handy and spritz .
I did indeed. I forgot about the spray bottle method. Thanks.
I'm a little disappointed with myself though. I jumped into all grain very fast and bought a 24qt pot. So I am stuck with boil-overs and low post boil volumes.
This batch is 4 galllons.
So I now need a new 28qt or 30qt pot. Everytime I think I'm done buying stuff for this hobby I find an issue. If I do get a new large pot, what am I going to do with a 24qt aluminum kettle with a 7/8" hole drilled in it?
I guess I can try a less vigorous boil or get a lid to help retain some volume.
Aren't lids a bad idea? I read somewhere that certain unfavorable flavor compounds boil off during the boil. Will the lid keep them in the wort?

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