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Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
It's the pro brewer's responsibility to send that letter. As a businessman, he must or forfeit the trademark through inaction. I don't think it could have been handled in a nicer way and, frankly, I'm surprised at your comments.
illin8 is obviously a home brewer and not a commercial brewer. This is a home brew forum. What you say would probably apply for a commercial operation, but it's stupid to bother a hobbyist brewer with this stuff and the risk to his trademark is zero IMO. No offense to illin8, but the name isn't all that hot anyway. OK for a home brewery for sure, but not very creative for a commercial operation. illin8 maybe should change it to The South Country Brewing Co. and officially register the name.

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Wow...gotta love this forum, didn't think it would spark this much interest. I agree though, I didn't take it as threatening or condescending, I can understand where he is coming from...just thought it was odd that he feels a basement homebrewer such as myself could be a potential threat.

But think about it, if you were him and you had established a reputable brewery and were paying an attorney to look out for your interests...wouldn't you try to communicate non-threatingly to someone if they were using your exact name on the internet, not knowing to what capacity they are operating? Given the popularity in breweries these days, I think it's reasonable...

I responded to him and told him I understood and jokingly asked for a six pack for my troubles (joking)...he replied and offered to send me a bomber of their Amber ale, a very nice gesture.

All in all I found it more interesting than anything else and JR, if you or your attorney are reading this, thanks for being courteous. I meant no harm in posting your PM in a public forum, just wanted to share this with other homebrewers and to see if anyone had ever had this happen to them.
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As a guy who is planning on going pro some day, I like the way he handled it. if someone else was using my brewery name professionally, I'd be happy to hear about it now rather then after i've started applying for licenses and such. Plus, he's gonna send you a bomber just to be a nice guy. sounds like a pretty good businessman to me who's looking to protect himself and gain a new customer at the same time.
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Almost all breweries out there were started by a homebrewer with a dream. It's not at all over the top for someone to assume it as a possibility especially if they are not aware of the homebrew forum meme of naming your home brewery.
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I spend a good bit of time on this forum and an RV'ers forum and it never ceases to amaze mo how some people can take a rather benign statement and interpret it as something caustic

illin8 - I'm glad to hear you took it the way it was meant and even responded to the guy in a way that encouraged him to offer you a bomber - nicely done!

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Dec 2009
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bomber + free brewery tour?

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Jan 2009
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It's not that he saw you as a threat, he was just doing his due diligence in covering his ass. All businesses have lawyer(s) on retainer and this is just one of the routine things they have to do. They have to do this or they might wake up one day to find themselves on the receiving end of such a letter; you never know.

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Dec 2009
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Seems like a standup way for him to handle things!

Time to discuss a franchise with him!

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I, too, agree that this was handled in a very professional way. If Illini8 WAS planning on going pro, it would certainly benefit him to know about this ahead of time before spending hard earned beer money for no reason.

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I think it was handled quite tastefully. Yes, this is a homebrew forum, but if you've been here long, you'd know going pro from this forum isn't exactly uncommon.
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