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Jan 2011
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Originally Posted by HOPCousin View Post
Wondering about Mashing with Rye Malt?

Do I need to adjust my temps as all or can I just do a single infusion with a mash of 155 for 60 minutes and then sparge usual with 170 degree water?

Also, we discussed 4%rice hulls to help with the grain bed and the stickiness issues. What are peoples experience with that?

First time using Rye. Thanks any help.
I made a 100% Rye beer, it was 5lbs Rye malt, 1.5 Lbs Crystal Rye, .50 lb Chocolate Rye. I used about 3lbs of rice hulls with no problems at all, and yes it will self convert so just a normal single infusion mash is all that is needed, If you are adding any adjuncts that need converting i would add a lb or 2 of 6-row just to be sure, other than that your gonna be just fine!
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Oct 2009
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Did you have any problems with mouthfeel in that beer? What was your mash schedule?

I made a single infusion 100% rye last summer (just base malt, then did some kettle caramelization for flavor). The flavor was good, but the mouthfeel was soooo slick that I ended up dumping it. If I could correct the mouthfeel, I'd do it again for sure.

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I did my first two batches with Rye semi-recently, and both went off without a hitch. The first was OG 1.048 with 17% Rye and a handful of rice hulls, and I used my normal single infusion without any problems. The beer is very yummy, but I can't say the Rye jumps out at you, so I might try a higher percentage next time around. The second was a RyeIPA at 1.065 OG with just 12% Rye...still fermenting, so I don't know how it tastes, but the mash was same as ever with a handful of rice hulls in the mix.

I have some experience baking bread, so I know how sticky rye flour can be, and I definitely decided to err on the light side for my first couple of tries. At some point, I'll probably try a doing a brew with ~25% Rye to see how that goes...

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I made a Rye IPA awhile back with 20% rye malt, and mashed as I normally would. No rice hulls, no stuck sparge. Tastes awesome. I may try more next time to get more rye flavor. My latest IPA has 10% rye and 10% wheat...ended up with more doughballs than normal, but once I broke those up it mashed and sparged/lautered as any other batch.
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I've done up to 40% rye with no rice hulls but sparging took forever. It never stuck but it was sooooo slow. But the beer is delicious.

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We ended up going with 15% Rye malt and added 4oz of rice hulls to help with the mash. Worked out very well. We could taste the Rye in the in the wort after it was chilled and about to pitch.

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