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Default Worst. Morning. EVER.

Ladies and Gentlemen, gather 'round and hear my cautionary tale of woe and sorrow!

It was a lovely morning in Sooke, the birds were singing, the sun was shining, and there was a fresh scent in the air from last night's light rainfall.

As I went about my morning routine, I admired the heavenly aroma of freshly-ground coffee. But that was not the only heavenly aroma.

I smelled the distinct scent of freshly kegged Biermuncher Centennial Blonde. Odd, I thought, I didn't drink that much last night, and all the glasses were put away.

Upon further investigation in the storage room where my kegerator lives - I was standing in about a half-inch of beer.


But it was true, Centennial Blonde all over my storage room, and seeping into the crawlspace. I believe what happened was the party-tap I had inadvertently left on the QD (I only have one tap on my kegerator) got depressed slightly when I closed the door, nearly draining the entire keg. Mercifully, I have approximately 1/4 of a keg remaining. Considering I just kegged it Monday and tapped it last night, I was not amused.

Neither was my wife.

Which leads me to the reason(s) why this was the Worst. Morning. EVER.
1. It's a long weekend (Canada Day is tomorrow) and now I have to buy beer.
2. The beer in the keg was REALLY GOOD and had just reached optimal carb level.
3. Crawling around soaking up spilled beer in the crawlspace is NOT my ideal way to start my morning
4. The kegerator has now been relegated to the detached garage. Hmmm, maybe my wife sabotaged the system to get it out of the house...

So the lesson to be learned here is simple: don't leave your party tap connected if there's a danger of opening the valve.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Fantastic advice.... I feel your pain.

Enjoy your Canada Day though.

Primary: air and sadness =(

Kegged: air and sadness =(

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Sorry to hear that. I hope you still enjoy your holiday weekend though!
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I had something very similar happen to me with a Tap-a-Draft in my refrigerator. Had a huge sticky mess in the fridge and on the floor. Not to mention the wasted homebrew.
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should of grabbed a straw
really though, sad to hear.
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man, and here I b*tch about my faucets innate ability to turn on with nothing more than a stern look (or maybe a shirt or arm catching the tap handle) when I'm working in/on the keezer causing beer to piss all over the drip tray and floor.... that sucks man, sounds like you need faucets.
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Dood that sucks! It isn't that hard to run a drain for the drip tray. It won't help save your beer, but at least there won't be any mess.

I'll say a prayer for your lost beer.
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I hear all these stories about the party taps being accidentally depressed, yet I keep on leaving mine connected to my kegs (I just hook the lever on the hose near the QD). I should really look into that, but at the same time, I'm really lazy.
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I opened my kegerator this morning to discover a nut in my tower was loose. Didnt lose that much beer but it brought back flashbacks from when I clipped a line installing the tower and lost an entire keg of new castle to it.(on carpet on the second floor of an apartment...in my bedroom)
Also rigged an AC unit to cool a closet for me, to my dismay my idea failed, it was 90f in my closet this morning. Waste of $40 worth of wood >_<
I feel ya brotha.
The best beer I ever made was the next one I brew.
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I just had the same thing happen last weekend. I put some German Pilsener in my 3 gallon keg to have ready for 4th of July. I just had to test the carb level last Friday after coming home from work. I usually hung my picnic tap on the top of the keg but I was getting tired of the little drips running down the keg. This time I put a towel underneath the keg and just laid the tap on top of it. The next morning I walked in to find a big puddle on my basement carpet and the keg completely empty. Fortunately I have 2 gallons in bottles so it's not a total loss.

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