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Dec 2012
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Ok guys just put these in bottles. I didnt like the way it tasted so I added 3 cans of the frozen apple concentrate along with 7 lbs of honey. Now I'm loving it. It's better than the Crispin Honey. You can really taste both the honey and apple this way. Just my .02 but I'm all about the taste of whichever I'm shooting to make. With all the sugar added im sure I'll be at the stove in about 2-3 days lol. 8% before I added the stuff. Drinking a glass now.

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Feb 2013
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Any news here? Im always curious if on the second time around if any tweaks were made

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Nov 2014
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Hey guys, I wonder if this thread is still active. I'm doing mead and cider, and naturally drifted to cyser. However, I wanted to do something unique and thought about caramelizing honey for a bochet cyser. Turns out i wasn't alone.

Heres my situation, lemme know what you think, and I'll tell you how it turns out.

1. I had 6 gallons of hard cider in the primary, and racked five to the carboy. This left me with 1 gallon of fresh, UV pasteurized cider made with Mangrove Jack's yeast. OG 1.054, no SG reading at this point.

2. I took that last gallon and put it in a two gallon tub for this cyser. I agitated the lees and used them for this two gallon batch. (over-pitch may be possible. I did it bc the OG of this new thing is 1.190, and I have superkleer and bentonite to clean up the yeasties if they still taste like dirt in a few months)

3. Added DAP and Fermaid K. half tsp each.

4. costco krikland apple juice, pastuerized, in a boil pot with honey for about 2 hours.
half gallon of apple juice and three pounds of clover honey. costco brand.

5. in two hours this boiled a lot, and made a mess. It didn't get black, nor brown. just darker. and the smell never got to toasted marshmallows, but more of a field of clover smell.

6. its all in the two gallon tub now, and in 12 hours is bubbling slowly. the base cider had some carbonation in it from its own primary phase, but these bubbles seem stronger and more constant/consistent with fermentation.

7. this new thing is 1.190, and sitting at about 65-69 degrees, which is fine for the mangrove jacks yeast.

8. i plan to leave it for maybe two months and rack it to two single gallon jugs for aging. or ill find another two gallon.

Let me know what you think, and if i should cut it into two single gallons to try yet another cyser experiment.

Thanks cats!

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