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Jan 2011
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I'm hauling all of my equipment across the state next weekend to help my brother-in-law build a kegerator and to brew 4-5 batches of beer. Most of the beer will stay at his house to ferment, but I'll want to bring one, maybe two batches home with me. Should I just cool it and wait to pitch until I get home (from the 80 mile ride), or should I pitch there then transport? Or maybe not even worry about cooling it and let it cool on the trip home? Or, should I just let it all ferment there and go back in a few weeks to keg/bottle?
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I would definitely cool it, but other than that I don't think the 80 mile trip will be an issue, regardless if you pitch or not. You are talking 1-2 hours, max. Not a biggie.

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Pitch and ride...the yeast don't mind a couple bumps...just buckle the carboy up and you'll have a happy passenger....well, a few million happy passengers.

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I'm not sure what effect it would have on the yeast if you pitched before your drive back. I can't see it hurting anything to be honest. Waiting to pitch when you get home isn't a bad option (cooling on the drive home).

Personally, if it were me, I would just leave it all there and go back and bottle at a later date...
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I suggest the least amount of time with cooled sugar water possible. Add the yeast and let it start working for you.

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Just make sure you keep the temp consistent if you pitch the yeast. The 45 minute stop for dinner on the way home in the hot sun wouldn't be ideal for the yeast. I'd wait, get it to fermenting temp along with the yeast, then pitch.

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