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Dec 2010
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So the gf was out of town yesterday, so of course I decided to brew up some beers.

I'm not new to All Grain, I'm on batch 17 or so. My processes are pretty locked in but I had a major issue last night.

The Wheat beer I brewed should have had an SRM of around 3.5 instead it looked like it was a black IPA. WTF>?

4.5 # Belgian Pilsner Malt
4.5 # White Wheat
.33# Carapils
1 oz willamette (30, 15 & 1 minutes)
1 oz Corriander
1 oz orange peel

Mash temp 152 60 minutes
Mash out at 168 10 minutes

OG 1.054

Again, instead of a nice straw color it's almost as dark as my Black IPA. I am relentless when it comes to cleaning and santization so that isn't the problem.

I ordered my grains from Northern Brewer as I always do, do you think they messed up somehow?

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Mar 2008
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Dark malts are hard to miss so I think you would have noticed if roasted or heavily caramelized malt was mixed in. That's a light enough beer that it isn't going to look too dark in the carboy, but keep in mind beers always look darker in the carboy than in the glass.

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Sep 2008
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Where did you notice the color, coming out of the mashtun or in the fermentor?
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Oct 2006
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nothing in that recipe would make your beer black. Sure you didn't mistake a grain for something darker? It's possibly they sent you a dunkleweizen recipe... lol
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it's going to look darker in your carboy. Trust me.

but what does it matter anyway unless u are going to enter a contest.
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Mouse turds in the mash tun, their 18 srm.


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Jan 2011
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put a sample in your hydro tube and take a pic. Lets see how dark is dark. I had the same thoughts when i brewed a #9 clone. It didnt look black, but it was waaaaaaaaaay darker thatn i thought it should be. Once it's in a glass it looks about right though.

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Old 06-16-2011, 04:17 PM   #8
Mar 2011
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I've only had that happen once to me. Final product in the glass was much darker than it was supposed to be. I know that my issue came from not vourlaufing (spelling?) Correctly and getting some grains and stuff that ended up burning on the bottom of my kettle the taste was noticble too. But it was still very drinkable after aging 8 months.

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Jan 2011
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something got scorched

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Aug 2008
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I believe you made the first certified evil beer....that or your order got screwed up!
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