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Originally Posted by fatbloke View Post
It doesn't really affect longevity. It's more to do with storage and taste. When the CO2 is in solution its in the form of carbonic acid and can be tasted by many. I understand that its easily removed because of the weak chemical connection, hence some are happy with the older more precarious shaking/rolling. Whizz sticks are an upgrade but momentum of the liquid can cause potential oxidation if carried out wrongly.

A vacuvin should do the job by just de-gassing before sealing the bottle. It's only problem is size and lack of capacity for more than a bottle or two.

The brake bleeding kit works well as the level of vacuum is very controllable. And cheap (what ? 30 or so......)
Another "cheap" tip is to make sure the mead is warm when you go to bottle. When I bottle, I found that in the winter my meads and wines just are more gassy than in the summer, due to the cold temperature "holding" onto co2. Simply by waiting through a warm period, the mead will often off-gas due to the increase in temperature, and the increased time in the fermenter will allow more gas to disipate. Sometimes racking in a warm environment will sufficiently degas the mead or wine, depending on how gassy it is to begin with.

I bottled some wine this winter, and even with degassing by splash racking a bit, it's still a tiny bit gassy. I blame the cold temperatures.
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If you have racked 6 times in 4 months, you may want to rack less often. I'd rack once in about 10 days or when the bubbling has slowed to near stop, then maybe again in a couple months when sediment deposition has stabilized (not increasing), then quite possibly to bottles a couple months later. If you rack really frequently, maybe you are just repeatedly blunting the yeast's ability to finally dry that thing out. Also, there is something to be said for meticulous racking. Set the primary or whatever up on the table and don't touch it for 24 hours, be sure EVERYTHING is settled after you move it. I duck tape my racking cane in place so it's not slipping around on the bottom kicking up "dirt". It works beautifully. Just a few thoughts.

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I use the vacu-vin to degas my meads as well. but I do it in my carboys. I just shove the vv stopper into the top of a empty "double bubble" airlock and pump it until the thing clicks and maxes out its pressure. Then once a day for about a week then just let it sit under the weak vacuum for about another week or so without pumping.
The reason I let it sit under vacuum without re-pumping is to try and equalize pressure inside the carboy with atmospheric by pulling C02 out of suspension. if released while under (strong)vacuum, air will rush in (although it will most likely not hurt anything, but I want to minimize any hazards I can).
With all that said- time and L.I.T.F.A is the best method to degas

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Nice tip with the airlock! Will give that a try when mine arrives.

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