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Originally Posted by ktillman1 View Post
How do catch the squirrel? More important how do you know when one is lactating?.....I used to think bmc was good beer. I remember I drank a snpa several years ago and thought it went bad so I poured it out! Tried another and decided I got a bad sixer Its funny how your tastes change after you take the pill and step out of the bmc matrix.
I just pour one of my Belgian Tripels into a bowl for them and usually find them passed out not far away. Then you can go to town and milk them!

I have definately expanded my beer knowledge by homebrewing and also my tastes. I hardly drank IPAs prior and now like them. Porters, Stouts, Belgians all great now. I agree, it definately opens your eyes and gives you a different outlook on trying different beers that you may have not even known about previously.

A 2006 study found that the average American walks about 900 miles a year.

Another recent study found that Americans drink an average of 22 gallons of beer a year.

That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles per gallon.

Not bad.

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I was a hop head and still am but my appreciation and intrest in other styles has grown considerably. Now I'll often try a new beer just to see what it's like and to help expand my pallette.

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Apr 2011
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Personally, it sounds like I went backwards from everyone else here. My favorites were Budweiser, Michelob Lager, and MGD. When I moved to Florida, I switched mostly to Yuengling with an occasional Shiner Bock. Then a craft beer bar opened up about half way between my work and home. We first went for their amazing BBQ and kept going for their 50 taps of craft beer and extensive bottle list. I started drinking amber ales, brown ales, and the like, and eventually got a taste for hops, Belgian beers, and other more aggressive styles. It was my love of craft beer that got me into home brewing.

Today, I still can't drink stouts, some porters, and other really bitter dark beers - but I can't stand the taste of coffee either so I'm not surprised. I also can't get the taste for wheat beers. I keep trying but just haven't had the right one at the right time yet I guess. Any other style of beer (including Lambics and other sour Belgian beers) I'll drink.

As for BMC beers, I do still have a soft spot for those. I consider them sports drinks - the Gatorade of beers. After a hot afternoon of yard work, an ice cold Budweiser really hits the spot in a way that something complex and heavy like an Arrogant Bastard doesn't.
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I remember 4-5 years ago buying a 6 pack of beer that was in the 8-9% alcohol range and being disgusted by it. Now I know that big beers need more attention and deserve to be drank slowly not like bmc. I drink less beer than before but by far better beer

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Since I got into home brewing,I don't drink much BMC's anymore. Still do when $ & hb gets low. But I have found myself going back to some ales I used to drink to remember the flavors & aromas,etc.
And now I also try new ones to see what my more educated palette might like. It never ends...just changes.
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