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Jun 2011
Voorhees, NJ
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Yes, I know what the title implies, feel free to add appropriate jokes/puns.

Anyway, my wife is very pregnant with a due date of next Thursday (6/23). Since this is our first child, I expect life to become quite hectic with limited time for brewing (and drinking).
Luckily I have a batch (my first) in bottles, ready to be had, with a second batch ready to be bottled tonight. When do you think I can brew again? My thought was to brew as soon as possible before the baby will need more of my time (I figured the little rascal will be sleeping and eating the first few weeks).

What are your experiences with newborns and brewing? Can I squeeze in a few hours of brewing without neglecting my other duties?

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Oct 2010
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Invite your buddies over to watch the kid while they drink your free home brew. I am sure your wife will not have a problem haha.

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Too many off flavors.

Ba da bing


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Originally Posted by Mogwai View Post
What are your experiences with newborns and brewing? Can I squeeze in a few hours of brewing without neglecting my other duties?
no. if you can brew when you're passed out, go ahead. babies (like chuck norris) don't sleep, they wait.

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Jan 2011
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You need to get your priorities in line. Good, quality beer is way more important than the possible neglect of a baby.

On a serious note, make the wife watch her for a few hours and then you can take over and she can go and do whatever females do. You know, cook, clean, nag, and pillow fights with her friends.
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Feb 2010
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I brewed one of my fist AG batched when my son was about six months, I think. Wait until family comes over or momma takes the kid on a day trip somewhere.

Now that the Turtle is a year and a half, I brew when she can take him elsewhere. Or I open the sliding door but leave the screen closed. Too hazardous for him running around.

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The amount of brewing definitely went down for me when my wife and I had our first child last year. I normally would brew about once a month but since the birth, I've only brewed 4 times and its been 15 months.

The best advice is to ask your wife to watch the child the entire time you brew so you can concentrate on the process. I specifically asked so that I could do a batch. The other idea is to wait for the wife and child to go out somewhere, maybe like visiting her parents, and you ask to hang back to brew. Explain that you really enjoy it and need that activity.

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Jul 2009
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Just do what ever feels natural, trust me i want to but the lillte ones, yes there are two, the little ones are just to amazing to not let go, but now the youngest is almost nine months and the wiff has said when is your next brew day?!?! i dont know because i would like to finish my brew stand and my stand for my new conicals and my fermentation room, and i would love to well just brew a batch, dont get overwhelmed such as i have, just brew a batch and get ready to take a short break.

ps one more word of advice have if planing on having more, do it as soon as possible it sounds hard but the thought of afterwards not having to go through the diaper thing again is amazing!!!!

one more ps

you have your whole life to brew...

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May 2008
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I have a 14 month old so I'm not too far detached from this. You will have very little downtime in the first few weeks. Whatever time you're not hanging out with the baby, trying to get them to sleep, helping your wife with feeding, etc.... will be taken up with other chores that are being put off because of baby duties (taking out trash, making food, etc.. the basics). After my daughter was born, I brewed one time in the next four months. I had a long dry spell for sure but I had anticipated and stocked up. The truth is that having a baby will cause you to readjust your focus and priorities and you really won't be very concerned with brewing in a couple weeks. Brewing is an awesome hobby but hobbies in general exist to use up free time and provide fulfilment in some manner. Both of these will be accomplished by your new baby. After awhile, you'll get back into it, but don't be surprised if its a couple months.

It sounds like you're on your 3rd batch which I'm assuming means you do extract? If so, you're lucky since this takes much less time. It's much easier to find 2 hour chunks of free time. You don't drink as much at first anyway. Assuming your wife is breastfeeding (every 4 hours or so) she can't drink too much and the last thing you want is to wake up at 3 am with a hangover to a screaming baby.

After a few months, everything settles down a little and things will get more normal. Of course, you forever after have "less" free time than you do now, but you will be able to squeeze it in.... and you will relish it all the more then.

Have fun and enjoy every minute of it. It really is an awesome time in life!

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Jun 2011
Voorhees, NJ
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Hmm, sounds like what I pretty much expected... Ah well, this gives me time to get more buckets and ingredients so I can brew a couple of batches when I get the chance.

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