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Jun 2011
Broomfield, Colorado
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If you're going to want to get the ABV up that high, you'll need to add some sort of adjunct (your sugar). If you take 1.042 all the way to 1.000, you're looking at just under 6%.

I'd bet that Kevin is right and some of that is pulp getting carried up by the CO2 from the yeast. That's mean that your OG includes a reasonable amount of unfermentable material and you'd have to up the adjuncts a bit.

It does sound like it'll be delicious regardless of the ABV. Should be interesting to see what flavors stick around and which change!

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Jun 2011
lincoln, lincolnshire
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Yes if i was to just use the naturally occuring sugar in the juice but the plan is to keep adding sugar gradually untill a total of 1350grams sugar (including the naturally occuring sugar in the juice). This should as far as i can work out get it to about 13.5% also making the process a bit easier on the lil yeasties.

Most of the things ive learnt have been from reading posts on here so i hope the calculations ive come up with work out, but theres always the chance ive miss-enterpretted some of it, but thats part of the fun of brewing, learning.

The only thing im now not sure of is that my origional plan was to add a further 2 litres of juice to bring it up to 5 litres total then carry on adding sugar, however i forgot that sugar will obviously add volume to the wine. I did see somewhere a way of working how much volume x amount of sugar will occupy which would allow me to work out how much more juice i can add whilst leaving space for the sugar to be added but i seem to have lost it.... :s

I believe you are spot on about the pulp and CO2, and thanks very much for the comments its helped put me at ease.

The juice itself is really nice, so im hoping this turns out to be just as good if not better, will be looking forward to trying it

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