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Aug 2006
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Its still a work in progress....

I'll have pictures soon, Its full of fermenting goodness at the moment.

I used a 15 gallon Sanke Keg. I removed the stock valve and stem.

Useful Tutorial:

Install lid on bottom for easy cleaning & access:
I flipped it upside down and cut a whole the same size as a corny keg lid.
On the test keg I used a dremel and a jigsaw with a metal blade. It came out "ok". On the second keg I only used the dremel with a reinforced cut off wheel. It took a bit longer, but came out much nicer.

I cleaned the keg out really well (!*NASTY*!), and installed Corny lid in the bottom of the Sanke.

I temporarily reinstalled the stock stem and pressure tested for leaks. Tested with and without pressure. Passed tests, removed stem.

Sanitized. (wee-bit heavy to empty) I’ll have to give that some more thought.

Brewed 12 gallons of porter, chilled, and transferred into sanitized Sanke fermenter. Pitched yeast.

Stuck a sanatized #10 rubber stopper with a blow off tube in the top of the Sanke keg (where the stock valve and shaft once resided.)

It is fermenting nicely this morning!

I don’t know if I want to attempt to fabricate a racking arm or not.

Originally, I just wanted to be able to ferment larger volumes at once.

I still plan to build a second one for the secondary.

I would like to figure out how to install the corny keg tubes and poppets onto a sanke. It would be nice to use one standard connector (Like QD's) for everything transfer under pressure, filter, serve, ect.

I'll keep playing with it.

edit note: the stopper was a #10, not a #15 ;-)

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Mar 2007
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How did you lay-out the Corni lid hole, prior to cutting?
Template and scriber?
Template and tape?

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Jun 2006
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thats a pretty sweet deal!!
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I wouldn't worry about doing a seconday with that fermenter. Its stainless, so O2 won't be an issue. If you are going to rack from there I would just leave it for 2 weeks in the keg for clearing and then rack to cornies, or whatever you are serving from. It might be a neat trick to put the corny lid on the bottom for cleaning purposes and use a normal sankey set-up for serving. You've got enough beer!

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Aug 2006
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How did you lay-out the Corni lid hole, prior to cutting?
Template and scriber?
Template and tape?
Scribe paper is a good idea, but didnít have any at the time.

But I did have the latest gas bill sitting on the table. I ripped apart the envelope until I had a sheet larger than the corny lid hole. If I did it again, I would just use printer paper. (At the time I couldnít locate that, had to work with what I had.)

I just set the sheet of paper over the lid hole and firmly ran my finger around and around the rim (trying not to move the paper) until a crease had been formed on the paper in the shape of the lid hole. Then I traced over that crease with a pen.

Cut the inside of the oval out from the sheet of paper. Now I have a template for drawing the, to be cut hole on the Sanke.

Once I figured out where I wanted it on the Sanke, I taped the template in place and drew my oval with a sharpie marker using the template.

Not the most elegant approach, but it was effective.

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Old 03-27-2007, 12:28 AM   #6
Nov 2005
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I would love to see a picture!

If I am sure in my head about what you did, is that you left the sanke keg dip tub assembly intact right? Well if that is the case, you can use it as your blow off. It is about 1/4" off the bottom (or top in your case), you get a keg tap connector and use it as a "fermentap" style fermentor.

If that makes any sense!


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Old 03-27-2007, 12:58 AM   #7
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Jul 2006
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If you want corny connections on the top, you can weld a corny top to the top of your Sanke keg. Take a look at my conical fermenter thread for an example (in my signature).
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May 2007
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How well did this workout? Got any pics yet? It's only been 4 months

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Its nice when you and your friends have comparable equipment.
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some people will tap anything that has a hole.
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How does the lid fit? What I am wondering is the curvature of the bottom of a sanke. You said you pressure tested it so I assume it seals well, but without pictures I wonder.
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Mar 2006
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Too bad you couldn't just go get a 2 or 3 inch long section of 10 inch SS pipe, weld that to the top and get the right sized clamp to do it up right. Like the clamp on THIS fermenter. BTW, what kind of clamp is that? What is it called?
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