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This is my second contribution to this thread. I keep getting the updates, and it's a little hard for me to see the basis for some of this discussion.

1. While it's not customary to tip in some countries it is here,'s customary.

2. It's become more than a custom, because employers and the IRS have gotten involved in it, and made the lives of underpaid service people harder than they were before. (No, I have never worked in a job connected with being tipped)

3. It's now to the point where we must acknowledge that tips constitute a significant part of the income of service people. Tipping is, therefore, and to whatever degree, obligatory if not mandatory.

4. My conclusion: YES. Growler, whatever, you tip. I don't see how filling a growler is any differnent than drawing a pint, and I tip a buck a drink, so there.

NB: Just to keep the record completely straight, I have never actually purchased a growler. We've got a couple of micros in the area, but they don't do growlers. You mention growler to people around here, they think you've got a mean dog.
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When I get a growler at the bar they have to stick the tube on the tap and it take a while for them to get it filled to the top so its time they cant be pouring for other customers. Its a bit more involved than a pint. So what if you are not bellied up to the bar?

Went to the tap spot thos weekend and gave my usual 2 bucks and he made me drink a few half pint test glasses ha. Its worth more than 2 bucks so everyone wins.

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well, back when I used to frequent bars, when I found one I really liked, I tipped very well -and became a regular -and was always treated very well in kind.
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Originally Posted by Jaybird View Post
we do it for the love of beer! Not for the love of money! We can all make great BEER! Not so much when it comes to money!

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I was the growler boy back in the day:
Especially leave a buck if the kid or bartender filling the growler is smart enough to sanitize the growler before filling it and gives you a brand new cap. Nothing is worse that having a growler go sour.

If there's no sanitizer around, I probably wouldn't buy a beer. I've seen some scary growlers go out the door. Also, regarding exchanges. STAY AWAY! My eyes have been tainted with the sight of more mishandled beer than you can imagine! Crimes of the brew ignorant, and greedy business owner.

Also, those people bringing in moldy growlers and expect me to somehow scrub that concrete out, go **** yourself! Have the decency to wash your damn growler when you're done!

Lastly, people with the big fancy flip top growler with the fancy metal handle, those things are a bitch to fill without wasting beer. Leave 2 bucks.

Hot thread, I respect everyone's passion. Now lets chill with a home brew! Cheers!

P.s. +1 for the Old Toad in Rochester!

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Typically whenever I go to a brewpub and order a growler its after I have had a few or more pints and have eaten. I always tip my service people more so if they were good. I've never went in just to get a growler but Id probably throw them a buck and whatever change was left.

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Tipping, especially at places I go to regularly, has been a cheep investment that has gotten me fantastic service. There is a good Mexican place I go to that has a wait at 2pm on a Tuesday. I haven't had to wait for a table there for years, even at 7pm on a Friday/Saturday. There is always the same waitress in the front section and she gets my wife and I a table in her section as soon as we walk in.

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